Thursday, 16 August 2018

PeeSafe Natural Intimate Wash and Wipes Review

hello my beauties. How are you all doing??
We all are very particular about taking care of our skin, right? But we tend to neglect to take care of the most intimate part of our body i.e. our Vagina.
Our skin down there is exposed to lots of bacteria and hence itching, irritation, dryness, odour,etc..
So it is extremely important to maintain intimate hygiene. We seldom clean our intimate area using soap and water but this is not recommended at all cause soap is harsh for the sensitive skin down there and hence causes dryness and irritation. So its always advisable to use a natural hygiene wash.
Today I share with you all PEESAFE NATURAL INTIMATE WASH and WIPES

Both the PEESAFE NATURAL INTIMATE WASH and WIPES are infused with natural ingredients which protect our vagina from infections. 

Let's have a look at the prime INGREDIENTS:

TEA TREE OIL : antibacterial
CLUSTER FIG : prevents UTIs
WITCH HAZEL : anti irritant with soothing properties
LACTIC ACID : maintains skin pH
PALASA : prevents white discharge and rejuvenates the delicate skin


PEESAFE NATURAL INTIMATE WASH retails for Rs 180 for 105ml. Buy HERE and HERE
PEESAFE NATURAL INTIMATE WIPES retails for Rs 65 for pack of 10. Buy HERE and HERE


  • 100% alcohol-free
  • PARABEN and SULPHATE free.
  • Comes with the goodness of Ayurveda
  • Natural ingredients to provide complete protection against infections without irritating the delicate skin down there.
  • LACTIC ACID to maintain the pH balance.
  • A light fragrance to get rid of the odour.
  • Wipes are quite handy and can be used on the go.
  • PEESAFE NATURAL INTIMATE WASH and WIPES can be used during menstruation and after sexual intercourse.
PEESAFE NATURAL INTIMATE WASH and WIPES are a natural way to keep our vagina clean, fresh and protected against dryness, itchiness and UTIs.

A little change can protect you from the claws of infections. Lets share the importance of intimate hygiene and create awareness.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in PRECIOUS PETALS

hello me lovelies..How are you all doing? Highlighters can glamourise the simplest of look. So today I am here to share my views on a pretty highlighter which is one of the most talked about drugstore highlighter. Its the Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in PRECIOUS PETALS


  • The Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in PRECIOUS PETALS comes in a square pan packaging with floral engraved on the blush. It looks gorgeous. 
  • It retails for Rs 499 at HERE

Gives a beautiful champagne glow instantly


  • This highlighter gives extremely smooth application.
  • It blends like a dream. So is quite buildable.
  • Gives a lovely glow to your face
  •  No chunky glitters.
  • Compact packaging makes it travel friendly
  • Worth for the money you pay.
Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder in PRECIOUS PETALS is a YAY highlighter for me.I would recommend this to all highlighter junkie like me.
Do comment below and let me know your current favourite highlighter.
I will see you guys with a new post on a new day , till them shine bright cause you totally worth it !!

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer and Look Fresh

hey beauties !!!
Long lasting makeup is what all of us crave for, right? But if you have a combination to oily skin, it can really be a challenge. Let me tell you a fact girls, NO PRODUCT IS THE WORLD CAN STOP YOU FROM SWEATING AND MELTING MAKEUP. But yes, by using few tips, you can actually control sweat and oil and hence make your makeup last longer.


I cannot emphasis on how important toner is for our skin. Its like a double cleansing. Even after washing our face, dirt is trapped in our pores and these dirt are responsible for clogged pores resulting in excessive oil and pimples. So when we wipe our face with a toner, it gets into the pores and remove those left over dirt and makes our face clean.

Product I use: Biotique Bio Cucumber Toner


A face primer is one product which we all are guilty of skipping. But this extra step really helps our makeup stick to our skin by creating a layer between the skin and the makeup. It also makes our face smooth and helps blend the foundation properly and hence our makeup lasts longer.

TIP: Always pat on the primer on the face, instead of rubbing or massaging.  

Product I use: Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and Colorbar Perfect Match Primer


After applying all the cream products, it's important to set it with a powder. We tend to use a compact which is a lot heavier and has more oils, hence our makeup looks cakey.
The solution to this is using LOOSE POWDER. Loose Powders are extremely light on the skin and controls oiliness and don't make makeup looks cakey.

TIP: Instead of using a lot of product at a time, take a small amount of product on a large powder brush and lightly dust it on your face, concentrating more on the places you tend to get oily, like your T-Zone. You can always layer on the powder if you need.

Product I use: Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder


After applying, all the makeup, the final step is to set it all by a setting spray. It holds the makeup in place and avoids makeup meltdown.

TIP: Hold the bottle at on arm distance from your face and spray it all over. Don't rub it or dab it. Let it air dry.

Product I use: Nyx Matte Finish Setting Spray

The next two product helps brighten up the tired face.


Left : The Balm Mary-Lou-Manizer      Left : Maybelline Master Stroke Highlighter in Molten Gold
After few hours of makeup when the face starts to look a bit tired, then a Highlighter is your saviour. Highligher gives a healthy glow to the face making it look all glammed up.

TIP: Instead of using a lot of product at a time, take a small amount of product on a Fan brush and lightly apply it on the high-points of the face, i.e. the cheek bones, bridge of the nose and cupid bow You can always layer on the product for that intense glow.

Product I use: The Balm Mary-Lou-Manizer and Maybelline Master Stroke Highlighter in Molten Gold


A lipstick a day keeps gloominess away. When you are not wearing a lot of makeup, you can brighten up your look by applying a Bright Lipstick,

TIP: You can always use a Bright Pink lipstick. It can be use on a hot day or for any night time occasion.

Product I use: Nyx Soft Matte LipCream in Paris


I cannot stress on hoe important blotting sheets are. If you have combination to oily skin as me, Blotting sheets are your BFFs.

TIP: No matter where you are, the moment you start getting oily, pull out a sheet and just dab it on your oily regions, like for me my T-zone is the most oily zone.

Product I use: Clean & Clear Oil Control Film

Ok guys, so this is my saviour kit for the heat and humid weather. Hope this post was informative and helped you girls survive hot days.

Do comment below and share with us your favourite summer products.
I will see you guys soon on my next post, till they shine bright, cause you totally worth it...