Thursday, 29 September 2011

Happy Bday Avu :)

Well we recently celebrated my hubby's bday.This was for the first time in 5yrs of our relationship that we were together in his bday.Its was more of a private affair with close friends n ofcourse grt food :)

End of an amazing day ....

It was an awesome day for both of us as we were together on this special day....After all its all about being TOGETHER :)

Luv u alllllll

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ohhhh So NIVEA

Hey ladies
Many of us must have seen our moms n grannies using products from nivea...
there is an old saying....OLD IS GOLD !!!!!!!

Well I have been in love with NIVEA products's intense moisturisation formula  and pleasant aroma leaves my body velvety soft, smooth and fresh....
The roll on deos gives a fresh pleasant aroma without damaging our skin.Its extremely moisturising and contains zero alcohol.Feel free to show your under arm with these cute littles....
The lipbalms makes lips taste delicious with a hint of glow and shine...
And no words to describe the basic nivea cream moisturiser.....Its old and indeed a gold :)

So here are my cuties....




I am giving my body the extra hydration it needs....ARE YOU ????????
Stay Hydrated.....

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Awesome Threesome : Elianto Eyeshadows Review !!!

I had been to Putrajaya with my hubby this weekend.Had a great time with him as always...Love his company.
While strolling around Alamanda Mall in Putrajaya, I saw this beautiful outlet of Elianto cosmetics. The green color counter with all lovely shades of color makeup attracted me the most.And the first thing I was gravitated towards were the awesome and varied shades of eyeshadows.The color range of eyeshadow were super vast and were extremely cheap. i.e. just 10rm Oo ........

I wanted to pick all the colors but thought of trying it first so I picked out 3colors...

The first color 
Venetian Pink

It is from the LUSTRE SHADOW catagory.Its a shimmery champagne color with a hint of baby pink in it.It blends easily for a luminous, pearly shine finish.Its best for highlights.

The next color 

Lilac Purple

It is from the SPLENDOUR SHADOW catagory.Its a beautiful purple color.Its intense and velvety texture glides easily on the lids to give a smooth finish.

The third one 
Scarlet Red

It is from the ARDOUR SHADOW catagory.Its a matte red color which is perfect for crease or outer V color.It provides soft & smooth texture for a matte finish.

My Verdict

Colors are extremely pigmented and smooth.As per the cost you get a 100% quality product for the price you pay.Definitely will go back to the elianto counters and grab some more colors :)

Hope you find your fav shade .....

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Why I LOVE MAKEUP ???? !!!!

  • MAKEUP WASHES OFF ;) Well I can always keep experimenting with my look with makeup.Got messed up???No issue wash it off.
  • CONFIDENCE BOOSTER Even if with a minimal makeup I feel confidence and charged up
  • ADD ON A COLOR TO YOUR WORLD With those vibrant lip color, blushes and eye shadow, I can easily transform my mood from being dull to brightened.
Well makeup isn't my necessity nor I do makeup to hide my flaws.I do makeup cause I love it.Its a part of my life.

So ladies go glam and confident cause you totally worth it :)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Quick Tips from Cindy Crawford's Basic Face

Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, a makeup workbook’ Cindy Crawford has written it with her makeup artist and friend Sonia Kashuk.
It’s some 10 year old book and make up has certainly changed a lot, but since she is only speaking about the ‘Basic Face’ it makes sense even now, and is a great help for a newbie like me and some tips must be great even for experts.
Cindy Crawford’s makeup tips, Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, a makeup workbook’
Here are a few of her beauty tips just for you beautiful ladies....
Enjoy :)
  • Accentuate your strengths.If you like your eyes but not your lips, put your energy in making up your eyes so they draw attention
  • Makeup washes with soap & water, don’t be afraid of trying new things – you might like it. Never try anything new when you only have 5 minutes before heading out the door. Give yourself time to screw up and wash it off.
  • Fashions will change and your skin texture too. Always reevaluate what you are wearing and how you are wearing it.
  • Cleansing is the only Universal requirement
  • Sleep well. Drink enough water. Use sun screen. Don’t smoke. Take off the makeup before sleeping.
  • Choose the right shade of FOUNDATION.Stick with yellow based foundations. Even if your skin has pink in it, the yellow will help neutralize it. Remember, color should come from blush and lips, not from foundation.
  • POWDER sets whatever it’s put on. Including mistakes. Before applying look to make sure you don’t have any creases especially on the eyelids.Always use least possible amount of powder. You are never supposed to actually see it, only its effects.
  • If you are feeling pale, add a touch of BLUSH to temples, forehead and chin. 
  • One thing that you can’t live without – could be a MASCARA, EYE LINER or a soft EYE SHADOW across the lid
  • When working with more than one EYESHADOW colour, start with the lighter tone in the inner corner and then move on to darker ones
  • If you don’t wear mascara, you need to remove the powder fallen on the lashes. Just take Vaseline or clear lipgloss and massage into the lashes. This will remove the powder and leave lashes with attractive sheen.
  • Eyebrows frame your eyes and create an expression for the entire face. They have the power of visually open or close your eyes.Keep it neat.
  • LIPSTICK looks
    • Lightly dab it on for barely there lip colour
    • Wear it straight
    • Add gloss. This will make it a sheer lip tint
    • Put a layer of concealer on first. Add lipstick and gently blend. Or mix the two in your hand before applying. The colour will be lighter and more opaque.
  • Before you put away the makeup and leave, step back from the mirror and see the whole face.Carry yourself with confidence and a SMILE :)

Monday, 19 September 2011


Bibhu Mohapatra, is one of the most wanted name in the fashion world these days. In his senior years of fashion designing course he was awarded as the Best Evening Wear Designer.
Being from Odisha, a land of colors and art, he has a love and keen for vibrant colors and bright texture which shows in his creations.
Here's his latest collections from RESORT 2012

Hope you guys like the collection of this talented designer who is now elected as a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America....I am really proud to be an Odia myself :)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Be a Flying Beauty...With these in the airplane tips

Long hours of flight is the most aweful time for us to keep ourself fresh.Imagine meeting your hubby or boyfriend at the airport with scaly face, melted makeup and dry chapped lips....... eeeeeewwwwwwwwwyyyyyy

So lets have a look at the tips which gonna be our saviour :)
      • Apply a deep conditioning hair as well as face mask the night before the flight.
      • The morning before departure, take a warm shower and slather on a deep moisturising lotion all over your body.
      • Well they are the real saviors.Apply it on your lips to get rid of cracked peeling lips or can apply it on your cheeks to get the glow.....
      • hey did I just said that???????well yes its better to be natural than looking all meshy and melting, right??
      • Apply a good moisturiser with spf and above it you can use minimal makeup.
      • Stick to nudes and basics
      • Well always carry a pressed powder in your purse.Thats gonna be real helpful and your BFF
Well ladies have a beautiful flight !!! 

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Every time you have to choose the right makeup for a certain occasion, you find it more as a challenge. Well, with the right steps, it is not that difficult to get ready in an instant with minimum amount of effort and still look gorgeous.


      • Start by applying a lighter eyeshadow on the lids and then use some eyeshadow with golden hues on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. 
      • You can also use eyeliner, but choose a brown one and apply it only on the upper eyelid. Brown offers a more natural look. 
      • You can also use only the eyeliner, without the eyeshadow. 
      • Now for mascara. Pick a black or a transparent one. 
      • As we want to avoid the pale looking skin, don’t forget about the blush. 
      • As a final step we use some orange or pink lipstick. 
      • Cover your lips with a sweet, soft lip gloss coat. This will make your lips look fuller.


      • Apply a nude eyeshadow on the whole lid and blend it all over till the brow bone.
      •  Over it apply some gray eyeshadow that has the amazing effect of brightening the entire face. 
      • Cover your lips with a gentle layer of a peachy lipstick.
      •  Now, you only need mascara and some glowy blush.



      • Start by applying a purple eyeshadow on the lid, using a darker shade.
      •  If you are looking to emphasize the eyes, apply a more generous amount in the outer corner and crease. 
      • Then, make a thin line on the lower lid, under the eyelashes, using an eyeliner in the same color with the eyeshadow. 
      • Use some silver eyeshadow for the inner corner of the eyes. 
      • Be bold and apply a dark red lipstick. On the other hand, if you think this is too much, use a more natural color for your lips.

      • You can play with colors.Bright vibrant eyeshadows like bright purple, bronze, golds with a hint of smokiness using a black in the corner can transform your entire look and mood.
      • Applying a jet black eyeliner and contouring your lower lash line as well can give you a strong look.
      • To get a bold look apply a red or maroon lip color.
      • Now apply a thick layer of mascara and a bronzer and you are ready to go..

Ladies go glam.....Cause you totally worth it ;)