Monday, 12 September 2011

Beauty Habits to Break

We always hear it from our moms, grannies to put hair behind ears,donot rub your eyes,donot bite your nails. 
Needless to say, there are so many silly little habits that we are constantly told not to do but constantly do probably a dozen times a day...

Here I have broken down the top ten such BAD habits which we should DITCH as soon as possible.
  • Nail & cuticle biting: This habit is insanely unsanitary and will leave your hands and nails looking super YUCKKKKK
  • Touching your hair too much or pulling your split ends: Your hair gets greasy so fast when you touch it too much, which forces you to wash it more. When you over wash you hair, it’s left brittle and dry. Also, breaking off your split ends will only create more split ends so it’s better to wait and have your hair trimmed instead of trying to do it yourself during your boring third period class.
  • Touching your face too much: Like hairs even face turns greasy and break out when too much touched.
  • Not washing your face every night: Promise yourself that you will take 5 minutes every night to wash your face and remove your makeup. 
  • Skipping the SPF: No one wants to end up looking like a raisin, so slather on a sunscreen with an SPF above 30 every morning (especially to your face) and when you plan on spending time in the sun. 
  • Not drinking enough water: Water is SO important not only to your healthy but your beauty routine too.
  • Using dirty makeup brushes: Once again, this is a super unsanitary habit that you need to ditch ASAP! Not only does this spread germs like a wildfire, it could lead to serious infections, which is never a good thing. 
  • Over exfoliating: Too much of a good thing is usually never good. Over exfoliating your skin (especially your face) can be harmful because it removes important oils from your skin and will over dry it, which can spur acne breakouts and even infections. Make sure you limit your facial scrubbing to only two times per week. 
  • Poping Pimples:  Don’t do it! It’s so SO bad for you and it can lead to permanent scarring and will cause more breakouts.
  • Over plucking your eyebrows: Your eyebrows are like the frame of your face so keep them tamed, but don’t over do it! 
Here is my NEVER TO DO list....So what habit are you breaking today ????

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