Friday, 8 April 2016


hey beauties... A lot is going on in my life recently and all for good. You will be updated on that soon. But before that I want to do a quick post on how to chisel your face and make it more structured.
Every women wants to have a structured face. If you are not naturally blessed with that perfect chiseled face then no worries, just a few MAKEUP tips and tricks and voila !!!However, women need to know the right tips and make up tricks to apply in order to achieve that perfect framed face.  For the ladies who have no idea how to enhance your facial feature,here area few simple yet crucial tricks...

  • .   Prep and Prime
Primers with good quality often give you a flawless smooth finish which helps control the puffiness and oil. It makes applying other makeup on easily and stays in place the entire day. You do not want to apply primer that has a harsh texture as it will tend to be cakey at the end of the day, so search for quality primers and never forget to apply it before starting anything on your face.

  •  Contour
Contouring plays a huge part in making your dream of having that slimmer face come true. Use a flat brush and start to contour your face on the areas from your forehead, nose, cheek, eyes and chin. Take note on the skills of contouring your face as with the wrong technique, you will not achieve the slimming effect.

  • .Bronze it Up

Bronzers definitely help you shade your face that can create a slimming illusion for your face. Besides that, bronzers give you a healthy glow which ultimately gives a naturally sexy look. Start to bronze from your jaw down to your cheeks on both sides of your face. Then blend it in with a makeup brush for the complete makeup look.

 By these simple tips and tricks you can enhance your over all look and give lot more definition to your face.

Do comment below and let me know your tips and tricks.
I will see you guys soon with lots of exciting news and till then shine high coz you totally worth it.