Saturday, 28 January 2012

Watsons Haul : Silkygirl, Maybelline and Vaseline

hey guys

I was gone forever.Well !!!!!!! I was not well and was having a severe migraine attack :(
But today I was feeling quite better and to refresh my mood I went Shopping.
Watsons is having some clearance sale going on.So I picked up few stuffs from there.

It really really smell like cocoa...chocolates.....I wanna lick it :P

Silkygirl Lipgloss in Rose

Silkygirl Lipcolor in Bliss

Maybelline :)

So guys this is my tiny haul.Hope you guys like it.I will be back soooon with some makeup tutorials.So stay tuned :)
Thanks for Stopping by !!!!


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new Baby in Town : My New Elianto Baby

 hey beauties,

As I mention it always, I am a huge fan of Elianto eyeshadows.I have already completed my first eyeshadow palette.

And started building my second one :)

I didnt like the empty slots.So....................

Yeah !!!!!
So this Chinese New Year I treated myself with a new Elianto eyeshadow.

Evian Blue

Hope you guys like it :)

Take care and see you guys soooon !!!!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Tips for Drugstore Makeup Shopping

I am a huge drugstore makeup fan.But sometimes when we enter a drugstore,we are so overwhelmed by all the gazillion products that we get confused what to buy and how to buy.
So here are some tips to help you shop in a drugstore.

5 Tips for Drugstore Makeup Shopping
  1. Don't buy from the first brand you see. As you browse the shelves, you may instantly see something you want, let's say... a great smoky eyeshadow palette. Before you get your heart set on purchasing it, take it with you and compare it to similar items from the other brands. Is there a better deal? A better packaged product? A product with even better shade selection? It may take a little longer, but comparison shopping can be the difference between buying a new favorite product and something that will sit untouched in your makeup drawer.
  2. Bring a foundation that is a close match. Its very hard to find the right shade of foundation in drugstore.So take your time and if possible carry your old foundation with you to match the shade.If not exact buy the closest shade.
  3. Now and then, try something totally different. Never tried a red lipstick? Or green eyeshadow? Or bronzer? The drugstore is the perfect place to experiment. There are many ultra low-cost brands that have a nice selection of shades... but the products are very inexpensive. If you don't like it, you aren't losing a lot of money, but you have the freedom to experiment and find a potentially awesome product that looks great on you! You won't know if you don't try. So now and then, pick up something you've never tried before!
  4. Make sure you get your deal. Many drugstores will have "buy one get one free", or "buy one get one half off" deal, or any type of discount on beauty products. Look for such deals.
  5. Research online. There is a WEALTH of makeup knowledge on the internet. If you see a commercial on TV, look up a review online because there's often nobody there in the makeup counters to describe a product to you.So it helps to go to the store prepared.
Hope you enjoyed these tips! Let me know how your next trip to the drugstore goes! Have an awesome day everyone!Have a Happy Shopping :)


Make Me Pink... FOTD

hey beauties,

Today I was digging through my Lipstick counter when I found out this awesome Lipstick n Lipgloss combination.I am totally in love with it....

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in MAKE ME PINK

Silkygirl Lipgloss in SUGAR PINK

Now I just cant wait to wear it :) So here I go !!!

Ladies keep checking your makeup counter regularly, coz you never know whats in store for you ;)

Take care and stay beautiful !!!

Monday, 16 January 2012

HAUL TIME : Elianto and Watsons

hey guys,

As I have mentioned in my Last Post, I went to Mid Valley this sunday and as expected I did some shopping.

First I stopped by the Elianto Counter and picked 3eyeshadows and an Empty Palette.

10 eyeshadow Palette

Soft brown color with a hint of pink

A nice golden color

A shimmer burgundy color

I am just all over elianto cosmetics as the eyeshadows are super pigmented and with an awesome staying power.
Anyways, next I stepped in to the Watsons.I picked up just 2 skincare products.

Garnier light face wash

My All time favorite Night Cream

Thats all in my mini haul.Hope to present some more hauls to you guys in near future.Take care and keep it stylish....

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Fun Weekend and Some Coffee

hey guys
End of an awesome weekend.I went on a Coffee Date with my Hubby yesterday to Mid Valley.The mall was all decorated for the coming CHINESE NEW YEAR.There was also a Tiger Dance Performance.We had a lovely time there.
I did some shopping as well from Elianto Cosmetics and Watsons.I will post the haul later.Stay tuned guys and have a wonderful week :)

Tiger Dance (I will write a separate blog post on the Famous Tiger Dance)

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Red Lips ... Classic yet Elegant

When you wear a red lips, keep in mind to keep all other neutral.Thats what I do.A red lips is to be flaunted not hidden by some crazy eyeshadows, right !!!!

What I did ???

  • Some eyeprimer with a light color all over the lid
  • Some eyeliner and mascara
  • Now wear your favorite Red lipstick and you are good to go :)
Flaunt your style girls, coz you totally worth it !!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

It Comes from Within

Happiness comes from within.

Lately I feel like I've been getting a little moody and turning the littlest things into a problem when they dont need to be.

I don't want to be like that. Life is too short to be worried about things and thinking about stuff I don't need to. It's just a waste of time. I want to live my life in happiness and sharing love.

It's just something I need to work on. Controlling myself to calm down, take a breath and think positive! Sometimes I just panic and think about negativity, I need to just relax. Think about the good things in life and how lucky I am to be living here! There are so many other things going on around the world which is ALOT worse than the little things I think about.

I will try my best to be a better person. To live in happiness. It all comes from WITHIN yourself, not from things around you.

So Stay Positive and Be Happy Always :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

New Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick in Town

hey guys
I went to Watsons the other day and my eyes caught the rack full of new Maybelline ColorSensational Lipstick.
The violet packaging attracted me towards it and I chose a color for myself.The shade I chose is Party Pink.
Have a look.

My verdict 
Texture is creamy
Stay on power is good
Packaging is sexy ;)

I am definitely going to buy more shades.

Take care guys and keep it stylish !!!

Monday, 9 January 2012

2011 Favorites

Well guys as promised, I am here with my 2011 Favorites
  • My Favorite Hair care Product

Matrix Smoothing Serum

  • My Favorite Moisturiser

Lotus rejuvina Protective Lotion

  • My Favorite Night Cream

  • My Favorite Scrub
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  • My Favorite Lipbalm

  • My Favorite Foundation

  • My Favorite Lipstick : Its quite a difficult section for me.So to see the full list click ME

Revlon Lipcolor in Love that Red

  • My Favorite Blush

In2it  Sheer shimmer blush in PeachPearl

  • My Favorite Eyeshadow Palette

Elianto :)

  • My Favorite Mascara

  • Favorite Look of the Year

Subtle Eyes and Bright Lips
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Now for some non beauty stuffs

  • Favorite Book

Read the Review here 

  • Favorite Holiday Destination

Phuket Trip :) Night LifePhi phi and James Bond Island

So guys these were my 2011 favorites.What were yours ?????