Sunday, 18 January 2015

Makeup Revolution London Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in MAKE BELIEVE Review

hey beauties...
Appy is here to brighten up your gloomy Monday morning with a review post. Today's post is kind of a swatch + first impression post.
I have recently got my hands on this amazing brand called Makeup Revolution London and now I am all over it. I have recently reviewed their FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT here.
The products from this brand are super affordable and of amazing quality.Anyways coming to todays raving post, its about Makeup Revolution London Awesome Eyeshadow and Eyebrow Palette in MAKE BELIEVE

Basically its a palette with 14 Eyeshadow shades and 2 Eyebrow shades.


  • Its around Rs 1000(4-5 Pounds in UK) and available online.
  • I got mine at for just Rs 525. To view all MAKEUP REVOLUTION PRODUCTS at click HERE

The shades in this palette doesn't come with a name or number, so I have given names to them


S1 : A shimmery LIGHT PINK shade apt for all over lid or highlighting brow bone or inner corner of the eyes
S2 : A shimmery SILVER shade. Lovely shade for highlighting
S3 : A shimmery VIOLET shade. A very pretty all over lid shade for Daytime look.
S4 : A matte MAGENTA shade. Apt for creating fierce or bright eye makeup look.
S5 : A shimmery GREEN shade. Can be used to create Daytime to Night time looks.
S6 : A shimmery GRAY shade. Bold smokey eye looks appropriate.
S7 : A shimmery EGGPLANT shade. Love this versatile shade. It an be used as an all over lid color or on the outer V to smoke out any look or just to line the lower lash line.

S8 : A shimmery CHAMPAGNE shade apt for all over lid or highlighting brow bone or inner corner of the eyes

S9 : A shimmery PURPLElish SILVER shade. Lovely shade for highlighting
S10 : A shimmery COBALT shade. A very pretty all over lid shade for Night time look.
S11 : A matte REDDISH COPPER shade. Apt for creating fierce or bright eye makeup look.
S12 : A shimmery OLIVE GREEN shade. Can be used to create Daytime to Night time looks.
S13 : A shimmery ELECTRIC BLUE shade. Love this shade alot. Bold smokey eye looks appropriate.
S14 : A shimmery BLACK shade. To smoke out any eye makeup look.

2 Eyebrow Shades
ES1 : Skin color almost invissible for my skin tone.
ES2 : Dark Brown shade. I use it often to fill in my brows.

  • All the shades are buttery smooth. Hence easy to blend.
  • Superbly pigmented.
  • Shimmery yet not chunky which is a ++ for me.
  • No fall out at all.
  • Pretty good staying power. Appy says : Always apply an eyeshadow primer to hold your eyeshadow for long hours and bring out the intensity of the shades.
  • Great shade selection. Can go from Day to Night look.
  • Trave friendly compact packaging.
  • Eyebrow shades are ok for me as the first shade ES1 is a complete waste for me. Its too light for my skin tone and hair color. Other than that, this palette is a SUPER HIT for me.
If you love bright shadows and are looking for a palette which is apt for parties and functions, then go for this. BOLD BRIGHT FESTIVE shades.
Do comment below and let me know your views about this and you can leave links to your blog posts about this palette or any look you have done with it.

See you guys soon with my next post. Till then stay gorgeous, cause you totally worth it.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Your Weight Doesn't Define YOU !!!

When you step on a weighing machine what do you see???? Do you see your reflection?NO. Do you see a list of your characters?NO. Do you see your personality?hell NO.You just see a number. A mere 2digit/3digit number. And you let this just a number decide your life.WOW
Our weight, dress size are just numbers, it doesn't speak anything about the person we are. It doesn't define how we live our life.It should never affect the way we feel about ourself. Earlier I was 81kgs and now
after having a baby I am 90.3kgs. So????Does it change me as a person? Does it means I should no longer wear fashionable clothes? Does it mean I am changed? NO
I am still the same Arpita. Still the same mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and beauty and fashion lover. I still wear whatever I love. I still get compliments.I still walk my head high.I still love my life and enjoy it to the fullest.
But that doesn't mean I never ever worry about being a plus size girl, no. There are times when I feel low. There are days when I feel meh about the way I look. There are days when I get angry on GOD and ask him why he made me fat. And you know what ITS OK TO NOT BE OK. Its ok to feel bad sometimes. Its normal to not like yourself ones in a while. Cause that will give you that kick to love yourself even more. To embrace yourself and to accept things the way they are and enjoy your life even more.
When I first got into beauty and fashion,I was really self conscious, embarrass about me being trendy. What people will think?What if they laugh at me? Was I making a fool of myself? I was really scared.But eventually I learned that people see what you show to them. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. And still if some people talk behind your back, well those a@#holes belongs where they are, behind you. Don't care about them. Remember they talk about you cause they are pure Jealous and they can never be as confident as you. If you are confident you can carry anything gracefully. Its not about your figure, its about your attitude.Its about your personality. When we go out, we don't go with a board around our neck with our weight written on it. We go with our personality. Boost that.
So long story short exercise, change your lifestyle, do whatever you want but never ever let that trivial number on your weighing machine rule your life. You rule our life. Your life is under your control. A number is not incharge of your happiness. So next time when you step on that machine and it shows a number, treat it as a number not as YOU.
Be happy, be confident and walk with your head high....And stay gorgeous cause you totally worth it.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 Review

Who doesn't love discounts???? You? You? NOONE !!!
A slip with DISCOUNT/OFF written on it literally makes our day. What about a book full of discount coupons???? Heart attack alert !! 
Ta da....
Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015

WHAT's inside the Worthy Book Ladies Edition 
Its a Beauty/Fashion/Health Voucher Guide Book. This book contains pages full of discount coupons from different beauty stores, fashion boutiques, spas and many more.

Voucher Categories :
Skincare / bodycare / haircare products, Fashion, Bust care, Eyebrow / Eyecare, Manicure / Pedicure, Waxing / Hair Removal, Wellness & Health, Hair Saloon, Spa / Massage / Facial, Slimming, Online Purchase

Types :
Free sessions, Free products, Free membership cards, Free mystery gifts, Discounts, Buy 1 Free 1 and Cash vouchers
Some Featured Brands : Guardian, The Body Shop, Baleno, Himalaya,  Holika holika, Zalora, Jojoba Spa, Slimming Sanctuary, Celebrity Fitness are just a few to name


  • This book is available at all major bookstores Mph,MPH, Popular, Times, Borders, Kinokuniya) and selected outlets in KL and Selangor. 
  • This book retails for RM 25.00

According to me the Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 is totally worth it !!! By just paying RM 25 you get a lot of discount vouchers and from a gazillion of stores and brands.
Do grab your copy of  Worthy Book Ladies Edition 2014/2015 soon !!

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Nyx Soft Matte Lipcream in AMSTERDAM Review

hey beauties
I have been into Bright lipstick these days. And my second obsession these days are Matte yet creamy lipcolors. Well this calls for NYX SOFT MATTE LIPCREAM(well thats a long name so lets call it NSML).While going through the shades I was gravitated towards the shade AMSTERDAM


  •  The packs of NSMLs are lipgloss look alikes. They are packed in a tube with a matt black screw handle.
  • Packaging it quite sleek and so is easy to carry in your purse.

  • As you can see it has a sponge type applicator which helps in easy and smooth application. APPY says : Be careful while applying the lip cream towards the outer edge of the lips as the applicator is not precise it may not give a neat application if you are not careful.
  • It retails for around RM 27 in Sephora. You can also get in online here

A lovely red shade which instantly brightens up your face

  • A beautiful red shade which gives a vintage glam feel to your entire look.
  • Neither glossy nor super drying. Just in between.
  • Sleek packaging makes it travel friendly
  • Smooth and creamy texture
  • Very pigmented
  • Has a beautiful Matte finish
  • Has a pretty good range of shades
  • Affordable
  • The only con for me is sometimes (emphasising "sometimes" )I find it a bit drying if I dont moisturise my lips properly prior to its application
If you are a lipstick addict and if you love bright lipshades, its a must have for you. 
Do comment below and let me know your favourite shade from Nyx Soft Matte Lipcream range.

See you guys in my next post. Till then go glam, cause you totally worth it !!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Makeup Revolution London FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT Review

hey beauties,
Welcome to my Monday Blogpost. Eyebrows form our face. Its true, they do change our entire look. If you have flawless makeup on but unruly eyebrows then your entire look will be ruined. Most of us groom our eyebrows. Some wax it, some tweeze it and some like me thread it. Just grooming is sometimes not enough if you are not blessed with full eyebrows. After my delivery, I lost so much hairs and even brow hairs and so I included shaping and filling my brows into my makeup routine.
I personally fill my eyebrows using powder eyeshadows and I am quite satisfied. Recently I wanted to buy a eyebrow kit for myself which is handy and serves its purpose. While hunting for it, I came across the Makeup Revolution London FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT.



  • It comes in a black sturdy packaging which is compact and travel friendly

  • It comes with a huge mirror,three powder eyebrow powder shades, a wax, a tiny angled brush for filling in the brows and tiny tweezer which I love cause its precise enough to tweeze the tiniest of hair.

  • Its easily available online.I got mine from here
  • It retails for RM 19, which is affordable and a superb deal for the products you get.
Makeup Revolution London FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT comes in two shade, LIGHT MEDIUM and MEDIUM DARK. I picked it in shade MEDIUM DARK. It has three shades of MATTE BROWN. A lighter one, a medium one and a darker one.
I mix all the three shade to get my perfect brow color.


  • Compact packaging makes it ravel friendly.
  • One product and you get everything you need for grooming your eye brows starting from mirror to tweezer to brush to brow powder to wax.
  • Love the tiny tweezer which is apt to pickup the little hairs.
  • Shades are not chalky like most matte powders and so easily blendable.
  • Very well pigmented.
  • Wax is non greasy and doesnt give a white cast on the brows. Does its job properly of holding the brow in place.
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online. I bought mine here
Its a HIT for me. I love this product and its a must have for me in my makeup routine.
Do comment below and let me know your views about this product.

Till next time stay gorgeous cause you totally worth it !!