Thursday, 15 January 2015

Your Weight Doesn't Define YOU !!!

When you step on a weighing machine what do you see???? Do you see your reflection?NO. Do you see a list of your characters?NO. Do you see your personality?hell NO.You just see a number. A mere 2digit/3digit number. And you let this just a number decide your life.WOW
Our weight, dress size are just numbers, it doesn't speak anything about the person we are. It doesn't define how we live our life.It should never affect the way we feel about ourself. Earlier I was 81kgs and now
after having a baby I am 90.3kgs. So????Does it change me as a person? Does it means I should no longer wear fashionable clothes? Does it mean I am changed? NO
I am still the same Arpita. Still the same mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend and beauty and fashion lover. I still wear whatever I love. I still get compliments.I still walk my head high.I still love my life and enjoy it to the fullest.
But that doesn't mean I never ever worry about being a plus size girl, no. There are times when I feel low. There are days when I feel meh about the way I look. There are days when I get angry on GOD and ask him why he made me fat. And you know what ITS OK TO NOT BE OK. Its ok to feel bad sometimes. Its normal to not like yourself ones in a while. Cause that will give you that kick to love yourself even more. To embrace yourself and to accept things the way they are and enjoy your life even more.
When I first got into beauty and fashion,I was really self conscious, embarrass about me being trendy. What people will think?What if they laugh at me? Was I making a fool of myself? I was really scared.But eventually I learned that people see what you show to them. If you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. And still if some people talk behind your back, well those a@#holes belongs where they are, behind you. Don't care about them. Remember they talk about you cause they are pure Jealous and they can never be as confident as you. If you are confident you can carry anything gracefully. Its not about your figure, its about your attitude.Its about your personality. When we go out, we don't go with a board around our neck with our weight written on it. We go with our personality. Boost that.
So long story short exercise, change your lifestyle, do whatever you want but never ever let that trivial number on your weighing machine rule your life. You rule our life. Your life is under your control. A number is not incharge of your happiness. So next time when you step on that machine and it shows a number, treat it as a number not as YOU.
Be happy, be confident and walk with your head high....And stay gorgeous cause you totally worth it.

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