Sunday, 4 January 2015

Makeup Revolution London FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT Review

hey beauties,
Welcome to my Monday Blogpost. Eyebrows form our face. Its true, they do change our entire look. If you have flawless makeup on but unruly eyebrows then your entire look will be ruined. Most of us groom our eyebrows. Some wax it, some tweeze it and some like me thread it. Just grooming is sometimes not enough if you are not blessed with full eyebrows. After my delivery, I lost so much hairs and even brow hairs and so I included shaping and filling my brows into my makeup routine.
I personally fill my eyebrows using powder eyeshadows and I am quite satisfied. Recently I wanted to buy a eyebrow kit for myself which is handy and serves its purpose. While hunting for it, I came across the Makeup Revolution London FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT.



  • It comes in a black sturdy packaging which is compact and travel friendly

  • It comes with a huge mirror,three powder eyebrow powder shades, a wax, a tiny angled brush for filling in the brows and tiny tweezer which I love cause its precise enough to tweeze the tiniest of hair.

  • Its easily available online.I got mine from here
  • It retails for RM 19, which is affordable and a superb deal for the products you get.
Makeup Revolution London FOCUS and FIX BROW SHAPING KIT comes in two shade, LIGHT MEDIUM and MEDIUM DARK. I picked it in shade MEDIUM DARK. It has three shades of MATTE BROWN. A lighter one, a medium one and a darker one.
I mix all the three shade to get my perfect brow color.


  • Compact packaging makes it ravel friendly.
  • One product and you get everything you need for grooming your eye brows starting from mirror to tweezer to brush to brow powder to wax.
  • Love the tiny tweezer which is apt to pickup the little hairs.
  • Shades are not chalky like most matte powders and so easily blendable.
  • Very well pigmented.
  • Wax is non greasy and doesnt give a white cast on the brows. Does its job properly of holding the brow in place.
  • Affordable
  • Easily available online. I bought mine here
Its a HIT for me. I love this product and its a must have for me in my makeup routine.
Do comment below and let me know your views about this product.

Till next time stay gorgeous cause you totally worth it !!

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