Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Taking a break !!!

hey guys....

I am so charged up today as I am flying 2India for attending my brother's wedding :) yeahhhhhhh
Its going to be a fun trip 4me as I will be meeting my family , my relatives after almost 6months :P

Wowwwwww.......m so happy....I am going to be super busy in this 15days and so may be not gonna be active in blog posting...I hope u all can understand :P

But I promise I am gonna b back with some interesting topics sooooooon.....

Till then,
take care
keep enjoying
Coz u totally worth it :)

Sunday, 12 June 2011

No Expectations ---- No Disappointment

hey friends, 

Sorry for not posting anything yesterday...Everything needs a weekend 2enjoy and so do my blog :)

Anyways people say never expect anything and you will never be disappointed.Is it true???
To some extend YES....

Expectations !!! When we generally do anything we expect something in return.but all we get is disappointment.We love someone, do good for someone, take care of someone, and in the end the person doesn't even think you as a part of his world.It hurts, dreams shatters, your heart cries.

But is it correct to just breakdown because someone doesn't understand your value ??? No...
Are we going to stop loving because someone doesn't love us back ??? No....
Why to change ourselves for someone who is not worth it !!!

Well, its better to do our duty without expections... 

People are self-centered,
If you do Good you are not appreciated,
If you are successful,
You will win false friends and true enemies,
If you are honest,
people call you rude,
If you stand for your rights,
people call you selfish,
People you help, 
attack you in return,
Show the world what you are,

Friday, 10 June 2011


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

Problems are the real essence of life....seriously they are.I mean imagine your life without any problems and challenges...Life sounds real boring without them....

problem !!!! is it so bad????I mean I didn't even bothered to write it in bold :) For me Problems are not bad, its rather our negative attitude which is bad...Its all here in our mind...Mind controls everything. A positive mind achieve happiness, joy, success out of every situation. Though it’s not easy, it’s important to stay positive in negative situations. Beat the negative situations by staying positive.

Here are the things I do while I am in any awful situation...

·         Take a NAP : whenever I am frustrated or upset about something, I put on some light music and just go to sleep.Sleep do help us get refreshed and think of a proper solution.
·         DONT PANIC : A calm mind can be 100 times more useful than an excited mind.So try not to panic and tackle the situation in a calm way.
·         Inside every negative there’s a hidden postitive : Sometimes we think about the bad thing so much that we almost avoid or ignore the positive hidden in it.Try to find the good out of anything bad.
·         Try to learn from mistake: If anything bad happens rather than crying over it, try to learn what led to it. And only then you can avoid the mishap in future.
·         Find a HOBBY : the best thing you can do is involve yourself  in something constructive.Start gyming, or dance classes, or anythin u enjoy doing.
·         Chocolates please: eat some chocos, or anything yummy and with chocolate..They are the ultimate stress-busters
·         Believe in yourself...never  underestimate yourself
·         Talk your heart out with your closet friend
·         Remember there a re  many people who are in worst condition than u, so thank god for givin u a better life.
Enjoy your life....
Coz you totally worth it....

Thursday, 9 June 2011

SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Hey buddies......

I am sure all of u like surprises.... be it a sudden shower of rain, or best friend's surprise visit or ur hubby giving u a surprise peck on ur cheek :P
Surprises are always exciting, right????

Well today I was really busy with my household chores and was really into some serious cleaning stuff, when suddenly I got a call from GUARDIAN...they gave me an exciting news.I won a GOODIE BAG :) for a previous lucky dip yeppieeeeee

I know many of you must be thinking what's the big deal in winning a goodie bag....well for me it is...coz its my first ever goodie bag and m so so so excited....

I was so excited that I ripped off the cover and inside was a set of products...I was so damn happy...and wanted 2share my joy with all of u :D
I am looking forward to using it alllllll :P
I am soooo bloody lucky to get this amazing bag of surprises :D
Check out the pics of the products I got..........

I will see you guys tomorrow with a new post...till then......
Take care

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beat D Heat !!!!!!

The feel of a bright sunny day fills our heart with so much life..Summers are always fun !!! But melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and super sticky lipstick :(
Gosh !!! are we gonna stop ourselves from enjoying because of these side effects??? NOOOOOO

So here s the top 10 ways to fight the scorching sun and stay fresh all through the day...

 • PRIMERS WITH SPF : its always better to be protected. So smooth on any kind of primer before applying make up.It can be any moisturiser or sunscreen be sure it has an SPF 15 or above....

LESS IS MORE : will any one of u prefer wearing gloves, coats , snow pants in summers :P
As u switch to short pants, breezy skirts; give ur face a lighter make up as well....Switch to tinted moisturisers , light eyeshadows n nude shades of lipsticks. Put your fresh face forward rather than looking cakey.

LIQUIDS TO POWDER : Avoid using liquid or cream based makeup and switch to powder based.It will avoid ur makeup getting messy.Switch to powder foundations, pencil eye liners, etc to keep ur makeup in place.

Note: If u go for liquid foundations, then don’t forget to set it with a translucent powder or pressed powder.

HIGHLIGHTS : Try using bronze and nude blush to get the glow.

EYES SPEAK IT ALL: Accentuate your eyes with soft colors like pink, peach n brown.These neutral shades give you a subtle easy to carry look.Don't forget to use a shimmery highlighter on ur brow bone.Avoid using loads of mascaras and liners.U can go for pencil and gel eye liners rather than liquid.

SAY NO TO HEAVY LIPSTICKS: Can go for tinted lip balms or nude naked colors or a very light Pink and Peach color. This will warm up ur look and make u look pleasant.

• BLOTTING PAPERS : For your skin, carry around some blotting papers. From oily skin to light sweat, blotting papers can be a life saver in keeping your skin glowing without being shiny.

• KEEP MAKEUP AWAY FROM SUN: In the course of saving ourself from sun we almost forget about our make up.Avoid keeping your makeup in direct sunlight, the heat can melt it. Consider using an insulated carrying case to avoid sticky messes.

• HATS: Wear hats to give you a shed

• Oh I need some WATER : keep yourself hydrated in order to avoid your skin from drying and getting oily. Hydration will also help keep you looking fresh and glowing.
I hope my tips helped you fight the sun and keep enjoying....

C u guys later
Buh byeeeeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

There's Something FISHY !!!!

After a long time I had prepared Fish fry for my hubby..... :)

While preparing I remembered about a very tickling therapeutic experience I had :P

One evening I was strolling in China Town with my Hubby, looking for a new Hand Bag , which I found after a lot of bargaining around. I was so damn tired after it that I badly needed a foot massage. Thats when my hubby suggested me to try a new kind of Pedicure done by tiny fishes.As it was a new experience for me, I decided to give it a go.....

All you need is to roll up your pants and sit at the edge of a large basin and hang your legs in the water. Within moments, fish would start nibbling at your feet, eating off the dead-skin cells.
I was super excited to experience the feeling of thousand fishes creeping all over my feet.....eating the dirt with there tiny teeth :P

I sat on the edge of a large basin.....I could see thousands of fishes swimming inside the basin...Phewwwww I was scared......... :(

Slowly I lowered my leg into the water......Within seconds school of fish gathered around...They were having a feast as they munched, nibbled and sucked every square inch of my feet......

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’m not sure how to describe the feeling except that it felt TICKLISH!!!!!!

My feet were almost completely enveloped by nibbling fishes! It was indeed relaxing.. :)

The time sped by and before I knew it, my time was up. I lifted my legs out of the water and dried my feet. And guys I’m not kidding…. the skin on my feet had never felt so smooth! I walked away feeling great and relaxed. My feet felt so soft and I was happy to indulge the fish with a sumptuous meal!!!!

Hope you guys give the FISH SPA a try ;)

Have fun

Monday, 6 June 2011

KUALA LUMPUR : Through My Eyes

hi frenz...

Its my DAY 2 in the blogging world and I am super excited...Thank you all for your support...Love u allll........

Well, its said "MALAYSIA-TRULY ASIA...." :)
Trust me guys none of you would believe it until and unless you visit this place at least once.

I am here in Kuala Lumpur from the past 6months and this place had become my home.Its a beautiful place where people from different races like Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other live in peace and harmony.People here are so friendly and warm that its always feels like you are at home :)

Malaysia is known for its diverse attractions.It holds everything starting from rain forests to exotic island to skyscrapers to cultural monuments.Its a place for everyone :)

Want some gaming and fun????You have exciting theme parks like GENTING HIGHLANDS and SUNWAY LAGOON.

There's BATU CAVES and many CHINESE TEMPLES for religious people.

KLCC and KL TOWER, the magnum opus of Malaysia, can been seen from anywhere of Kuala Lumpur.

Apart from these there's DETERAN MERDEKA ,PUTRAJAYA, KLCC AQUARIA and many more places which are worth visiting.

Kuala Lumpur is a paradise for shopaholics.....It has got huge Malls like MIDVALLEY,TIMESQUARE,
etc etc overflowing with high end brands and also has fun filled night markets like CHINA TOWN for bargain crazy people ;)

You can never say ‘THATS IT’ here.....I would suggest you guys to atleast visit this place once...and
carry an amazing experience for the life time.

Here are few pictures of places....

Hope u guys enjoy it.....

Have fun

Buh byeeeee

Sunday, 5 June 2011

10 Must Haves in Ladies Hand Bag

hey everyone.....

I hope you all are doing good...

The most important accessory a lady is possessive about is her HANDBAG !!!! and when we ladies own a gazillion items, its really hard for us to sometimes decide what to carry in our handbags....

So here's my list of items necessary to fit into my bag....the so called 'MUST HAVES for LADIES HANDBAG'
  • MOBILE PHONE : well we ladies are always associated with gossip, talks so obviously cell phone will top my list of must haves ;) ya make sure that your cell phone is fully charged when you get out of the house.
  • WALLET : never leave home without it....seriously
  • TISSUE : well none of us wants to look all greasy and sweaty :P
  • COMB : when you are out, its obviously going to be a comb or hair brush can re-tidy your messy hairs.
  • LIP CONDITIONER OR BALM : its a must must have for me...I hate chapped lips and I know all of you do hate carry a balm always
  • PRESSED POWDER : for a fresh and glowing look all day.
  • TRAVEL SIZE HAND LOTION : whether you are travelling or sitting at your work station, its likely to get all dry as the day passes.So its better to carry a hand cream for that instant softness.
  • TRAVEL SIZE DEODORANT  : better to carry a small deo rather than bothering people around us :P
  • PEN : A pen is a must carry item for both ladies and gents.
  • Last but not the least MOUTH FRESHNERS : do i need to explain why !!!!!!
Hope my list has helped you guys.....Comment below and let me know your must haves...

Take care

Ramble about Me :)

hey thr....

I am pretty new to this blogging world.Never knew the hidden blogger in me :P 
But now that I have explored this side of me, I know life is gonna be super ooper fun .....

Well I am an Indian.I got married in 4th July 2010 with the love of my life and moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.And since then KL has been my home.I love it here.Its a beautiful place with so much life....For me its my world...Me n My hubby in this paradise of love :)

I have always been a computer savvy...playing games, net surfing, listening to music were always my top interests.Ya I am super xcited these days coz My hubby gifted me an IPAD 2...yeahhhhhh
I am on a longgggg never ending date with its awesome applications...M loving it :D

Apart from this I love travelling.Had a long list of places yet to visit :)

People say life changes after marriage.Mine too changed.But of course in a positive way ;)
After marriage I got a friend, mmm rather my best friend, My Hubby...He is the bestest husband mmmmwwwaaaa....ahem ahem :)
Before coming to KL I was really scared like how am I gonna cope with this new place,new life...but things wouldn't have been this easy without his support and love.I have my parents, my sister and my hunnn Max back in India and I do miss them a lot but everyone had her own life and responsibilities and so do I. I am here from past 5months and it had been the best months of my life so far. All thanks to My husband :)

After coming here, I started exploring more of ME... I never knew I had so much inclination for Make up. Ya I am serious.I donno what I was doing all these years of my life without any colors..Make up is so much fun.I dont do make up to show anything or hide anything.I do it coz I love it.I enjoy the whole process of make up.Applying eye makeup, lip colors I love it all :)
Well we will talk about it later cos i dont wanna make this a "Ramble about Make Up" thing hahaha

Ok guys this a little bit of HUGE me ;P
Arpita: the wife, the computer savvy, the make up addict .............

Take care,
n keep Enjoying Life coz U totally worth it