Tuesday, 7 June 2011

There's Something FISHY !!!!

After a long time I had prepared Fish fry for my hubby..... :)

While preparing I remembered about a very tickling therapeutic experience I had :P

One evening I was strolling in China Town with my Hubby, looking for a new Hand Bag , which I found after a lot of bargaining around. I was so damn tired after it that I badly needed a foot massage. Thats when my hubby suggested me to try a new kind of Pedicure done by tiny fishes.As it was a new experience for me, I decided to give it a go.....

All you need is to roll up your pants and sit at the edge of a large basin and hang your legs in the water. Within moments, fish would start nibbling at your feet, eating off the dead-skin cells.
I was super excited to experience the feeling of thousand fishes creeping all over my feet.....eating the dirt with there tiny teeth :P

I sat on the edge of a large basin.....I could see thousands of fishes swimming inside the basin...Phewwwww I was scared......... :(

Slowly I lowered my leg into the water......Within seconds school of fish gathered around...They were having a feast as they munched, nibbled and sucked every square inch of my feet......

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’m not sure how to describe the feeling except that it felt TICKLISH!!!!!!

My feet were almost completely enveloped by nibbling fishes! It was indeed relaxing.. :)

The time sped by and before I knew it, my time was up. I lifted my legs out of the water and dried my feet. And guys I’m not kidding…. the skin on my feet had never felt so smooth! I walked away feeling great and relaxed. My feet felt so soft and I was happy to indulge the fish with a sumptuous meal!!!!

Hope you guys give the FISH SPA a try ;)

Have fun


  1. hehe...must have been a lil scary in the beginning..we have a similar thing at GVK mall here...havent try it yet...i think i shud now ;)Neway enjoy reading ur experiences..keep them comin!! :)

  2. thanx dearie...ll surely keep postin....

    nd do try it..its amazing...u ll love it.. :)


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