Sunday, 5 June 2011

Ramble about Me :)

hey thr....

I am pretty new to this blogging world.Never knew the hidden blogger in me :P 
But now that I have explored this side of me, I know life is gonna be super ooper fun .....

Well I am an Indian.I got married in 4th July 2010 with the love of my life and moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.And since then KL has been my home.I love it here.Its a beautiful place with so much life....For me its my world...Me n My hubby in this paradise of love :)

I have always been a computer savvy...playing games, net surfing, listening to music were always my top interests.Ya I am super xcited these days coz My hubby gifted me an IPAD 2...yeahhhhhh
I am on a longgggg never ending date with its awesome applications...M loving it :D

Apart from this I love travelling.Had a long list of places yet to visit :)

People say life changes after marriage.Mine too changed.But of course in a positive way ;)
After marriage I got a friend, mmm rather my best friend, My Hubby...He is the bestest husband mmmmwwwaaaa....ahem ahem :)
Before coming to KL I was really scared like how am I gonna cope with this new place,new life...but things wouldn't have been this easy without his support and love.I have my parents, my sister and my hunnn Max back in India and I do miss them a lot but everyone had her own life and responsibilities and so do I. I am here from past 5months and it had been the best months of my life so far. All thanks to My husband :)

After coming here, I started exploring more of ME... I never knew I had so much inclination for Make up. Ya I am serious.I donno what I was doing all these years of my life without any colors..Make up is so much fun.I dont do make up to show anything or hide anything.I do it coz I love it.I enjoy the whole process of make up.Applying eye makeup, lip colors I love it all :)
Well we will talk about it later cos i dont wanna make this a "Ramble about Make Up" thing hahaha

Ok guys this a little bit of HUGE me ;P
Arpita: the wife, the computer savvy, the make up addict .............

Take care,
n keep Enjoying Life coz U totally worth it 

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