Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Beat D Heat !!!!!!

The feel of a bright sunny day fills our heart with so much life..Summers are always fun !!! But melting makeup, sliding eyeliner, and super sticky lipstick :(
Gosh !!! are we gonna stop ourselves from enjoying because of these side effects??? NOOOOOO

So here s the top 10 ways to fight the scorching sun and stay fresh all through the day...

 • PRIMERS WITH SPF : its always better to be protected. So smooth on any kind of primer before applying make up.It can be any moisturiser or sunscreen be sure it has an SPF 15 or above....

LESS IS MORE : will any one of u prefer wearing gloves, coats , snow pants in summers :P
As u switch to short pants, breezy skirts; give ur face a lighter make up as well....Switch to tinted moisturisers , light eyeshadows n nude shades of lipsticks. Put your fresh face forward rather than looking cakey.

LIQUIDS TO POWDER : Avoid using liquid or cream based makeup and switch to powder based.It will avoid ur makeup getting messy.Switch to powder foundations, pencil eye liners, etc to keep ur makeup in place.

Note: If u go for liquid foundations, then don’t forget to set it with a translucent powder or pressed powder.

HIGHLIGHTS : Try using bronze and nude blush to get the glow.

EYES SPEAK IT ALL: Accentuate your eyes with soft colors like pink, peach n brown.These neutral shades give you a subtle easy to carry look.Don't forget to use a shimmery highlighter on ur brow bone.Avoid using loads of mascaras and liners.U can go for pencil and gel eye liners rather than liquid.

SAY NO TO HEAVY LIPSTICKS: Can go for tinted lip balms or nude naked colors or a very light Pink and Peach color. This will warm up ur look and make u look pleasant.

• BLOTTING PAPERS : For your skin, carry around some blotting papers. From oily skin to light sweat, blotting papers can be a life saver in keeping your skin glowing without being shiny.

• KEEP MAKEUP AWAY FROM SUN: In the course of saving ourself from sun we almost forget about our make up.Avoid keeping your makeup in direct sunlight, the heat can melt it. Consider using an insulated carrying case to avoid sticky messes.

• HATS: Wear hats to give you a shed

• Oh I need some WATER : keep yourself hydrated in order to avoid your skin from drying and getting oily. Hydration will also help keep you looking fresh and glowing.
I hope my tips helped you fight the sun and keep enjoying....

C u guys later
Buh byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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