Sunday, 5 June 2011

10 Must Haves in Ladies Hand Bag

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The most important accessory a lady is possessive about is her HANDBAG !!!! and when we ladies own a gazillion items, its really hard for us to sometimes decide what to carry in our handbags....

So here's my list of items necessary to fit into my bag....the so called 'MUST HAVES for LADIES HANDBAG'
  • MOBILE PHONE : well we ladies are always associated with gossip, talks so obviously cell phone will top my list of must haves ;) ya make sure that your cell phone is fully charged when you get out of the house.
  • WALLET : never leave home without it....seriously
  • TISSUE : well none of us wants to look all greasy and sweaty :P
  • COMB : when you are out, its obviously going to be a comb or hair brush can re-tidy your messy hairs.
  • LIP CONDITIONER OR BALM : its a must must have for me...I hate chapped lips and I know all of you do hate carry a balm always
  • PRESSED POWDER : for a fresh and glowing look all day.
  • TRAVEL SIZE HAND LOTION : whether you are travelling or sitting at your work station, its likely to get all dry as the day passes.So its better to carry a hand cream for that instant softness.
  • TRAVEL SIZE DEODORANT  : better to carry a small deo rather than bothering people around us :P
  • PEN : A pen is a must carry item for both ladies and gents.
  • Last but not the least MOUTH FRESHNERS : do i need to explain why !!!!!!
Hope my list has helped you guys.....Comment below and let me know your must haves...

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  1. Will u give some tips to impress a girl ??

  2. thanx mama .. :) i hope ill c sm mre xciting gossip or necessary thing here ... waiting 2 c more ...

  3. Sure Amrita...its gonna be fun....stay tuned :)


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