Thursday, 9 June 2011

SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

Hey buddies......

I am sure all of u like surprises.... be it a sudden shower of rain, or best friend's surprise visit or ur hubby giving u a surprise peck on ur cheek :P
Surprises are always exciting, right????

Well today I was really busy with my household chores and was really into some serious cleaning stuff, when suddenly I got a call from GUARDIAN...they gave me an exciting news.I won a GOODIE BAG :) for a previous lucky dip yeppieeeeee

I know many of you must be thinking what's the big deal in winning a goodie bag....well for me it is...coz its my first ever goodie bag and m so so so excited....

I was so excited that I ripped off the cover and inside was a set of products...I was so damn happy...and wanted 2share my joy with all of u :D
I am looking forward to using it alllllll :P
I am soooo bloody lucky to get this amazing bag of surprises :D
Check out the pics of the products I got..........

I will see you guys tomorrow with a new post...till then......
Take care


  1. Cooool!!! Lucky u girl! :) looks like they read ur mind..Yenzoiiiiii! ;)

  2. :)
    hope they keep readin my mind like this


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