Tuesday, 24 January 2012

A new Baby in Town : My New Elianto Baby

 hey beauties,

As I mention it always, I am a huge fan of Elianto eyeshadows.I have already completed my first eyeshadow palette.

And started building my second one :)

I didnt like the empty slots.So....................

Yeah !!!!!
So this Chinese New Year I treated myself with a new Elianto eyeshadow.

Evian Blue

Hope you guys like it :)

Take care and see you guys soooon !!!!


  1. Nice collection. I got the red one. I am so loving it. <3
    Check out my blog as well :)

    1. thanks dearie....indeed they have amazing shades :)
      i too love it a lot :)

  2. wow! those were lovely shades!! lots of pretty colors you got there! I love my eyeshadows with a bit of shimmers as it really enhances the overall look! thanks for sharing your pretty palette..^_^~


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