Wednesday, 10 August 2011

IN2IT Cosmetics :)

While shopping I came across this amazing brand of cosmetics called IN2IT...
Initially I was reluctant to go for it as this brand was completely new for me.But after doing a few swatches, I was impressed by the pigmentation and texture of the product.So I grabbed a few eyeshadows and blush...

Trust me guys, its awesome and I am using it religiously....

Have a look at it....First the eyeshadows...They are highly pigmented and soft...Its affordable and really really good for the price....


Sheer eye color in CARNABY

Sheer eye color in LIME

Sheer eye color in MARINE

Waterproof eyecolor set in SUNBURST

Now the blushes, they are so smooth and gives a natural glow....I am just in love with them :)

Sheer shimmer blush in Apricot Pearl

Sheer shimmer blush in CopperPearl

Sheer shimmer blush in PeachPearl

These are my IN2IT pretties...I am not sure whether its available in all countries or not but ya if you are in Malaysia, you must try these lovely products...You sure gonna love it !!!! 


  1. The colours are just so lovely! Unfortunately not in Malaysia! Just for the pleasure of my eyes so..........

  2. ohhhh......these are lovely products...hope u cm smday 2malaysia and buy a few (:


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