Monday, 15 August 2011

5 Makeup Trend for FALL

As Fall is knocking, lets have a look how we can welcome fall with style.

  • Strong and defined eyebrows to give you a sexy yet subtle look.

  • Glowy cheekbones by putting some highlighter to brighten you up.

  • Flush your cheeks with some pinks to create a magic.

  • Smokey eyes with some blacks.

  • Go for a wine red lips keeping the rest of the face subtle.

Hope my tips are helpful to you guys....A short note to remember before going:When you opt some trends try not to use all of it in a single look as that can be just too much.So play with the trends wisely and have a cozy fall..


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  2. hey hi....hope my tips are helpful to u....thanx 4following.....


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