Thursday, 11 August 2011

Eye Care

Although our skin is a single and largest organ of our body, not all part of our skin is created with same character.The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and delicate, which needs good care at all age, in all season. So here are some simple steps to help you have a healthier skin around your eyes!

Now lets have a look at the Do's and Dont's....


  • CLEANSE your eye make up at night with a gentle cleanser made for eyes.
  • Apply an EYE CREAM before going to bed to moisturize the skin and help reduce fine lines.
  • Remember while applying cream use your weakest finger.I usual go with my ring finger as it puts minimum pressure.Give a massage to the eyes by gentle finger movement always down to up.
  • Put sliced cucumber over your eyes to reduce dark circles.
  • If your eyes are red and feeling itchy and dry, consult a doctor and start using eye drops(artificial tears).
  • Wash your eyes with cold water often to get sparkling feel for your eye skin.
  • Sleep.To get rid of those scary dark circle, get adequate SLEEP.Sleep for atleast 8hours.
  • Never wear lenses over night.
  • When you splash water into your eyes, do it gently as vigorous splash may damage the eye skin.
  • Use fresh disposable tissue to wipe your eyes rather than hanky, as handkerchief are the main source of infections.
  • While working on computers take breaks in between and dont stare at the screen for hours...
  • Dont rub your eyes.
Hope my tips are helpful....
Eyes are one of our biggest assets.....Stay protected :)

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  1. Great tips! It's true that eyes are very important, we don't realise it all the time so a good reminder like this is needed to look after them well.
    Thanks and have a great week-end!


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