Monday, 8 August 2011


Indian weather is hot and humid.And so the Indian skin is prone to oiliness.In this post I will tell you guys about what colors compliment the Indian skin tone....

So lets begin .........
  • Makeup Base :As Indian skin is generally oily, so start your makeup by cleansing your face followed by toning with a mild toner.You can also apply rose water.
  • Foundation :As Indian skin tends to sweat with the heat and humidity, causing makeup to smudge, its better to go for a powder foundation.If you opt for a liquid foundation, make sure that it is oil free and don't forget to set it well with a powder or compact.You can chose a yellow based foundation for that golden glow.
  • Lipcolor :Red, plum, salmon, apricot, lavender, berry, and pink are all shades that most Indian skin tones can wear, but I have to admit the most popular shades tend to be wine-colored or plum. If your complexion is on the darker side, choose burgundy, deep wine or brick or rust red shades. Outline with a matching lip-lining for a well-defined look.If your lips are a little tanned, go for beige, cappuccino, mocha or maroon.
  • Eyeshadow :Indian women have naturally beautiful eyes. Add depth to these with prune, copper, burgundy, and darker shades of brown eyeshadow. For a bold look, use wine, dark blue or purple colors.Dark grey shadow may be used for a subtle smoky effect.Gold is used for that gorgeous ethnic touch to the entire look.
  • Kohl or Kaajal :Outline the eyes using a Kaajal/Kohl pencil. It makes your eyes look appealing and cool.
  • Mascara :Coat your eyelashes with several coats of mascara to get that fuller glamorous look. 
  • Blush :Opt for powder blushes.Peach, pink , bronze and coral are your color.
For more details about what types of cosmetics to wear in hot climate, read my previous post
 Beat D Heat !!!!!! 

Go glam girl coz 
you totally worth it :)

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