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This blog post is dedicated to guide all my beginner readers how to do makeup.Its a guide to help them do makeup and create a perfect look.

So without much blabber lets get started..........

  • PRIME YOUR FACE :After cleansing your face properly, apply a moisturizer.This will provide a base for your makeup and also protect your face from the chemicals.After apply moisturizer all over your face and neck, apply a lipbalm.This will soften your lips and when you apply lipstick it will not crack.
  • APPLY FOUNDATION :Foundation is most important makeup product a woman can wear. The right makeup foundation should perfectly match your complexion without leaving your face pink, orange or ashy.Foundations are basically 2types:
    • LIQUID FOUNDATION :Liquid foundations usually offer sheer coverage and provide a natural look. Most women prefer a liquid foundation because it is easy to apply and, because it is sheer, looks most natural. They are available in water-based and oil-based formulas.
    • POWDER FOUNDATION :This is basically a powder and foundation in one. It provides the easy application of a powder with the excellent coverage of a foundation. Prefered by women with oily skin or staying at a hot place.
  • BLEND THE FOUNDATION :proper blending is the key. Blend your foundation under the jawline, into the hairline, on the ear lobes. Pay special attention to the corners of the nose, corners of the mouth, over and under the eyes. If you need to retouch a particular spot, re-apply lightly and blend.

  • SET THE FOUNDATION :Liquid Foundation is always set by a compac powder to reduce oiliness or melting.


  • APPLY CONCEALER :Concealers can be used to cover blemishes, dark spots, ruddy areas, marks, veins, freckles or under eye circles.Your concealer should be one shade lighter than your foundation.Apply the concealer in tiny dots and blend it well.

  • APPLY EYESHADOW :Eyeshadow gives a color to your eyes and accentuate the beauty.Its very important to chose the color of the eyeshadow.You can refer to my previous post EYESHADOW TIPS for a detail overview.But the basic is sweep the lightest shade over the entire area from lash line to brow. This shade will be your base color and is to your eye.Next apply the color you want to the entire eyelid.Now Blend it well.You can apply a light shimmery color to highlight your browbone.

  • APPLY EYELINER :Eyeliners are applied on the upper lash line.This is one aspect of makeup application that not only takes practice but an extremely steady hand.Pencil eyeliners tend to be quite popular because they are easier to control and also can give the look that you want to achieve. Liquid eyeliners on the other hand require more practice but can be used to draw fine lines.

  • KAJAL OR KOHL :This is popular in case of asian women.It is used to accentuate the lower lash line as well as water line.While choosing a Kajal make sure its soft and smooth and most importantly hygenic.

  • APPLY MASCARA :It is a great eye opener that emphasizes the lashes. Apart from the obvious choice of color, many brands promise to thicken, lengthen, darken, volumize and condition your lashes. Mascaras are also available in waterproof and regular formulas.Coat lashes from the very base to the tips with full strokes. This method creates a thicker looking lash with the ends separated and the base well defined.

  • APPLY LIPSTICK :Well I dont think I need to say much about this.But choose the color that suits your skin tone.Swatch colors at counter before buying.You can top a lipstick with a lipgloss.But go for a moisturizing lipstick and skip lipgloss if you staying at hot places.

  • APPLY BLUSH :Well blush gives a rosy flush to your cheeks.It gives you a glow.You can check my previous post I AM BLUSHING for a detail overview.

Well this pretty much completes the whole process of makeup.Hope my tips helped you ladies to get the perfect look.Please comment below and lemme know.
Take care and keep it stylish :)

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