Saturday, 13 August 2011

For My Brothers....With Love

Today is "RAKSHA BANDHAN "...An Indian festival which celebrates the relationship between brother and sister.It involves tying of a rakhi(sacred thread) by the siter on her brothers wrist.This symbolises the sister's love and prayer for her brothers long life and happiness.In return the brother promises to protect her from all harm.
As I am in Malaysia, far from my is my token of love for my brothers.....

Here' to my brother
remember everyday,
When noone else is around
I will be your friend...

My brother is sweet
my brother is nice,
when I am upset
I come for advice....

I love you my bro
And I always will,
Richly blessed
Is how I feel....

Miss you alot and hope someday we all will be together having loads of fun.....

Thanx all for reading this.....Have a wonderful weekend....

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  1. Lovely poem - thanks for sharing with us.


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