Monday, 24 October 2011

Lotus Rejuvina Protective Lotion....My Daily Moisturizer

When it come to moisturizers I was always choosy and kind of reluctant.The products which were hyped and claimed to work wonder didnt work for me and I broke out like crazy.
Well I have a combination skin and the worst part is that I was detected with cancerous skin cells few years ago and was under treatement at KAYA SKIN CLINIC. And after that though my cancer was cured but my skin just got worse and so what product I use I need to be extra careful.
Moisturizers were never my besties after that coz I tried many renowned brands and ended up irritating my skin.Finally when I thought of giving up, my beautician suggested me this amazing product by Lotus Professional.Rejuvina Protective Lotion.

Well this product worked wonder for me.Though initially I was reluctant to use it but now that I have been using it since an year its been my bff.It moisturizes my skin pretty well without making it oily.After using it I have found my skin getting better(though its not the only product helping me improve my skin).
I am totally in love with it and cant get enough of it.As now I am in Malaysia and its not available here, so whenever anyone from my friends or family come from India, I order atleast 2bottles of this :P
Its the only thing I use as my morning moisturizer and also as a base for my foundation....

I am loving it :) :)

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