Saturday, 15 October 2011

1 a Minute : From the claws of BREAST CANCER

Few weeks ago my hubby downloaded a documentary movie for me to see.I am never tempted to watch such movies.But finally I saw it.1 a Minute. Its a documentary by Namrata Singh Gujral and  is based around her own life and the lives of other women and their battle with Cancer.
After seeing this I realized how many women in this world are trapped by this evil web of cancer and how many of them are battling and literally getting out of the evil trap.Its a movie or series of true incidents which demonstrates the 'NEVER GIVE UP' spirits of a person suffering from Cancer and winning over it.
This documentary features many female celebrities from around the world and conveys their experiences and their journey from getting into the claws of cancer till getting out of it.
Its a must must must watch for all....
You can download it from here
We can always fight and win over every obstacles....Its all about fighting and keep on fighting till our last breathe.......

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