Sunday, 23 October 2011

My Makeup Resolutions !!!!!!

We all make several resolutions. Resolutions to lose weight, quit smoking, save money, etc. but let's not forget our makeup routine! Here are my top 5 resolution when it comes to makeup:

1. Don't go to bed without washing off your makeup. This is the most important as makeup left on can clog pores and cause premature aging.

2. Moisturize! And I don't just mean face, neck is one of the first places to show aging as most people forget to take care of this area.

3. Invest in an eye cream. The skin around the eyes is more delicate than the face and should be treated with a moisturizer specific to this area.

4. Get my foundation rematched every 6 months. skin doesn't stay the same shade from summer to winter, so why would foundation? Getting color rematched ensures a natural looking finish to makeup.

5. Keep experimenting with new looks ;)

So what are your resolutions?


  1. 1. Find a foundation that I really love. Not just one that I'll settle for because it was expensive.

    2. Start wearing my natural lip color more often.

    3. Get more creative with my look instead of wearing the same makeup every day.

    4. Find a pencil eyeliner that will stay on all day

    5. Stop buying makeup from Walgreens because that store is very overpriced.

  2. @ebonymeme keep up with your resolutions.
    have a great day :)


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