Sunday, 30 October 2011

iPod new love :)

This weekend was the most exciting one for me.Friday my hubby surprised me with a romantic dinner date and shopping.I ended up buying two lovely dresses :)
And Saturday was awesome.....We woke up late and were just chilling around with each other browsing internet when I saw a infomercial from Apple store about IPOD touch.I joked and said my husband that honey I want this but I never knew that he will actually take me to the store and buy me an iPOD Touch.He did that and I was damn damn shocked happy excited !!!!!!

Well on my bday he surprised me with an iPAD 2 and now iPOD Touch.Wow lucky I am.

My Two Addictions--iPAD n iPOD

My Sweetheart :)

Well well well

I am having an awesome time with my iPOD.Its sleek sexy and an APPLE(this says it all)
Got to go guys can't stay long away from my sweetheart.Catch u guys later...
Have an awesome Sunday...Love u all

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