Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Quick Tips from Cindy Crawford's Basic Face

Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, a makeup workbook’ Cindy Crawford has written it with her makeup artist and friend Sonia Kashuk.
It’s some 10 year old book and make up has certainly changed a lot, but since she is only speaking about the ‘Basic Face’ it makes sense even now, and is a great help for a newbie like me and some tips must be great even for experts.
Cindy Crawford’s makeup tips, Cindy Crawford’s Basic Face, a makeup workbook’
Here are a few of her beauty tips just for you beautiful ladies....
Enjoy :)
  • Accentuate your strengths.If you like your eyes but not your lips, put your energy in making up your eyes so they draw attention
  • Makeup washes with soap & water, don’t be afraid of trying new things – you might like it. Never try anything new when you only have 5 minutes before heading out the door. Give yourself time to screw up and wash it off.
  • Fashions will change and your skin texture too. Always reevaluate what you are wearing and how you are wearing it.
  • Cleansing is the only Universal requirement
  • Sleep well. Drink enough water. Use sun screen. Don’t smoke. Take off the makeup before sleeping.
  • Choose the right shade of FOUNDATION.Stick with yellow based foundations. Even if your skin has pink in it, the yellow will help neutralize it. Remember, color should come from blush and lips, not from foundation.
  • POWDER sets whatever it’s put on. Including mistakes. Before applying look to make sure you don’t have any creases especially on the eyelids.Always use least possible amount of powder. You are never supposed to actually see it, only its effects.
  • If you are feeling pale, add a touch of BLUSH to temples, forehead and chin. 
  • One thing that you can’t live without – could be a MASCARA, EYE LINER or a soft EYE SHADOW across the lid
  • When working with more than one EYESHADOW colour, start with the lighter tone in the inner corner and then move on to darker ones
  • If you don’t wear mascara, you need to remove the powder fallen on the lashes. Just take Vaseline or clear lipgloss and massage into the lashes. This will remove the powder and leave lashes with attractive sheen.
  • Eyebrows frame your eyes and create an expression for the entire face. They have the power of visually open or close your eyes.Keep it neat.
  • LIPSTICK looks
    • Lightly dab it on for barely there lip colour
    • Wear it straight
    • Add gloss. This will make it a sheer lip tint
    • Put a layer of concealer on first. Add lipstick and gently blend. Or mix the two in your hand before applying. The colour will be lighter and more opaque.
  • Before you put away the makeup and leave, step back from the mirror and see the whole face.Carry yourself with confidence and a SMILE :)


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