Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Every time you have to choose the right makeup for a certain occasion, you find it more as a challenge. Well, with the right steps, it is not that difficult to get ready in an instant with minimum amount of effort and still look gorgeous.


      • Start by applying a lighter eyeshadow on the lids and then use some eyeshadow with golden hues on the inner and outer corners of the eyes. 
      • You can also use eyeliner, but choose a brown one and apply it only on the upper eyelid. Brown offers a more natural look. 
      • You can also use only the eyeliner, without the eyeshadow. 
      • Now for mascara. Pick a black or a transparent one. 
      • As we want to avoid the pale looking skin, don’t forget about the blush. 
      • As a final step we use some orange or pink lipstick. 
      • Cover your lips with a sweet, soft lip gloss coat. This will make your lips look fuller.


      • Apply a nude eyeshadow on the whole lid and blend it all over till the brow bone.
      •  Over it apply some gray eyeshadow that has the amazing effect of brightening the entire face. 
      • Cover your lips with a gentle layer of a peachy lipstick.
      •  Now, you only need mascara and some glowy blush.



      • Start by applying a purple eyeshadow on the lid, using a darker shade.
      •  If you are looking to emphasize the eyes, apply a more generous amount in the outer corner and crease. 
      • Then, make a thin line on the lower lid, under the eyelashes, using an eyeliner in the same color with the eyeshadow. 
      • Use some silver eyeshadow for the inner corner of the eyes. 
      • Be bold and apply a dark red lipstick. On the other hand, if you think this is too much, use a more natural color for your lips.

      • You can play with colors.Bright vibrant eyeshadows like bright purple, bronze, golds with a hint of smokiness using a black in the corner can transform your entire look and mood.
      • Applying a jet black eyeliner and contouring your lower lash line as well can give you a strong look.
      • To get a bold look apply a red or maroon lip color.
      • Now apply a thick layer of mascara and a bronzer and you are ready to go..

Ladies go glam.....Cause you totally worth it ;)

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