Saturday, 17 September 2011

Be a Flying Beauty...With these in the airplane tips

Long hours of flight is the most aweful time for us to keep ourself fresh.Imagine meeting your hubby or boyfriend at the airport with scaly face, melted makeup and dry chapped lips....... eeeeeewwwwwwwwwyyyyyy

So lets have a look at the tips which gonna be our saviour :)
      • Apply a deep conditioning hair as well as face mask the night before the flight.
      • The morning before departure, take a warm shower and slather on a deep moisturising lotion all over your body.
      • Well they are the real saviors.Apply it on your lips to get rid of cracked peeling lips or can apply it on your cheeks to get the glow.....
      • hey did I just said that???????well yes its better to be natural than looking all meshy and melting, right??
      • Apply a good moisturiser with spf and above it you can use minimal makeup.
      • Stick to nudes and basics
      • Well always carry a pressed powder in your purse.Thats gonna be real helpful and your BFF
Well ladies have a beautiful flight !!! 

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