Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Beauty Sleep

hey pals,

Its 1am here at KL and I am still up.Don't know why am I not feeling sleepy.Missing my Beauty Sleep.Well sleeping for atleast 7hrs is really necessary for all of us.Not just its good for our skin, its good for our entire body.
So lets have a look at how we can get our beauty rather perfect sleep :)

  • Cut Down on Caffeine.As we all know caffeine can keep us up for hours. 
  • Eat right and sleep tight.Neither go to bed hungry nor completely stuffed.Eat right amount of food and try to maintain atleast 2hrs of gap between your dinner and bed time.
  • Avoid watching tv or listening to any loud music.This will make you totally awake :)
  • Do not take any stress with you to bed.Trust me stress ain't a good partner ;)
  • Follow a night beauty regime.This will relax you and make to ready to knock out.
  • Exercise is a must
  • Keep your bedroom dark,quite and cozy
Slather on some body lotion, forget everything and have a good night sleep :)

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