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hey beauties...
Today I feel really excited doing this post. Who don't like winning awards. Yeah !!! I got a LIEBSTER AWARD
A huge thanks to Natasha Bhatt from for giving me this award.
She is an awesome blogger. Her posts are always no hassle and informative. She also has her facebook page Do follow her if you haven't.
Liebster award is given to bloggers as an encouragement and appreciation for their work.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
  • When any of your fellow bloggers nominates you, you will need to accept it and make a post about it in your blog.
  • Then, answer those 11 questions that are asked by the blogger who has nominated you.
  • And, nominate (you cannot tag back)your favorite 11 bloggers who you think deserve this award.
  • Finally set 11 questions for them also and that is all.
  • After you are done this, you can add The Liebster Award badge to your blog.
My Answers to Natasha's Questions
1. Your thoughts about the beauty blogging community?
Before I started blogging, I was unaware of this vast beauty community. But now that I am in it, I can see how huge and inspiring this community is. Its a platform for any beauty addict to share their beauty experiences and learn from other's experiences.
2. What was your first make up item?
My first makeup item was a Lakme Kajal Pencil
3. Do you prefer high end make up or drugstore?
I am a sucker for Drugstore makeup
4. What would you prefer blush or bronzer?
I love colors. So BLUSH
5. Name one brand's make up you feel is underrated?
I feel TheBalm Cosmetics items are not much hyped or talked about. They are of amazing quality and pretty packaging. I own and love their blushes.
6. What is your most cherished make up product and Why?
My most cherished makeup item is HOT MAMA blush from TheBalm. It was the first beauty gift from my hubby when I first got into makeup.
7. Which actress you think in Bollywood does the most amazing make up?
Sonam Kapoor. Though I am not a fan of her acting, I adore her looks.
8. Name one brand which makes the best eye shadows according to you ?
I love eyeshadows from Elianto Its an Asian brand which I came across at Kuala Lumpur. They make amazing eyeshadows.
9. Which is favourite lipstick color family?
I love RED lips
10.One make up item you cannot do without?
Lipsticks. I can go without any makeup but lipstick
11. Name one blog/website you love? Its like a beauty community, where you can read posts from different blogger and get numerous info.

I nominate for this award-I have nominated few of my fellow bloggers whom I adore
  1. Parita-
  2. Aparajita-
  3. Angeline -
  4. Sparkling Makeup-
  5. Gowthami Sundaram -
  6. Cynthia -
  7. Deepika-
  8. Traclyn Yeoh -
  9. Farah -
  10. Eesha -
  11. Leimun and Angie  -
Questions to be Answered...
  1. Who/What inspired you to start blogging?
  2. How much hour a week you spend in blogging?
  3. Are you a spender or a saver?
  4. What was your first post about?
  5. What tops your current wishlist?
  6. Fashion or beauty?
  7. Shiny Summers or Romantic Rains?
  8. One beauty/ fashion tips you preach but forget to follow?
  9. Do you enjoy shopping alone or with a company?
  10. Bright lipstick or Bright Eyeshadows?
  11. Blog you always follow?
Hope you enjoy my answers and you can always do this tag even if you aren't nominated. Remember all my readers and special to me. Love you all always.

Hope I keep posting more and more for you guys....


  1. Balm is an awesome brand bt unfortunately unavailable n hence less talked abt in the Indian blogsphere... Thanks for introducing me to Elianto.. loved all ur answers n post.. Congrats once again and thank u for the kind words Arpita :) <3

  2. Thank you girl for nominating us. Thank you..

  3. I love ur blog n u girls deserve it :) <3


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