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How to Create a Blog Signature for Blogger

hey beauties....
I dont typically do such posts. But today while I was just thinking on my topics to post, I thought of doing a post for my new bloggers. When I was a newbie, I had many questions regarding blogging and it was the posts by the experienced bloggers which helped me. Now I am not saying I am some pro in blogging but ya in this 2+ years of blogging I have kind of learned a few stuffs which I want to share with my dear newbies....

DISCLAIMER : This post is no form of bragging or PDK(Public Display of Knowledge). Its just my way to share the things I know and help you all.  

I have decided to start a series called BLOGGER FAQs, where I will be sharing tips and tricks which I learned through my blogging journey...

Today's topic is BLOG SIGNATURE
Blog signature is your Personal sign which appears at the end of each blog post. It beautify the look and your blog adding your personal touch.

Now I will help you create and add your own Blog signature to personalize your blog even more.
Its quite easy and fun to create Blog Signature. You can easily do it with few easy steps using CSS. CSS is basically a few lines of code which you just need to write/paste onto your blog template. Trust me its as simple as applying a lipstick :)

So Lets Get started !!!

Choose a image which you want to add as your blog signature. It can be any text image or any picture. It can be any image you want. Well I created my Image using a website  MY LIVE SIGNATURE. It was pretty easy and simple.

  • Upload your signature image to the Picasa Web Album  for your blog. 
  • Open the image.
  • Next "right click" the image and click on "Copy Image url". Refer Image below
  • Paste it in a note pad/text pad/any word document.

      .Header { 
      text-align: center; 

      .entry-content:after {
      content: url( paste the image url which you have copied and saved in notepad earlier );
      centre left: 50px;

      • To add the CSS, Open your blogger dashboard. In that go to TEMPLATE --> CUSTOMIZE --> ADVANCED --> ADD CSS. Refer image below
      • After pasting the code, click on APPLY TO BLOG button on the right side top.
      VOILA !!!

      Your personalised blog signature is added !!!
      Hope this post was helpful to you guys. Do comment below and let me know if you want me to do more such posts. See you guys in my next post till then keep it stylish !!!

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