Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Elianto Eyeshadow Collection : PINK, ORANGE and RED

hey beauties...How are you all doing???
I am here with another Elianto eyeshadow collection. I have done a post earlier with GREEN, BRONZE and GREY here

This time it PINK, ORANGE and RED.

Pearl Shine Shadow in BABY PINK : A very SHEER PINK shade. Quite Chalky. Not recommended

Lustre Shadow in DUSKY PINK : A lovely SHIMMERY PINK shade. Buy HERE

Splendour Shadow in MAROON PINK : A MATTE BURNT PINK shade. Buy HERE

Vibrant Shadow in CANDY PINK : A MATTE CANDY PINK shade

Madigra Shadow in BLOSSOM PINK : A lovely SHIMMERY FUCHSIA PINK shade. Buy HERE

Pearl Shine Shadow in COCO ORANGE : A MATTE BABY ORANGE shade. Chalky and so not recommended

Sheen Shadow in CADMIUM ORANGE : A lovely ORANGE shade with a subtle SHIMMER. Buy HERE

Vibrant Shadow in MANDARIN ORANGE : A MATTE ORANGE shade. 

Ardour Shadow in SCARLET RED : A MATTE RED shade. Buy HERE

Luminous Shadow in FAIR LADY : A lovely PLUM shade with a SHEEN. 

So that completes this post. Hope you find it helpful. If you own any other PINK or ORANGE or RED shade from Elianto, do recommend in the comment section.
I will see you guys soon with a new post. Till then, fill your life with color cause you totally worth it !!!



  1. Gorgeous!!!!! Love Love Love!!!!

  2. So many colors!!!I think they are all fabulous!Thank's for sharing this!

  3. Great review. I'll tell to my girl about this. So she can check it out and try it.

  4. Arpita..You rock again. The colours are so good.

  5. Liking the Elianto eye shades! Especially like the plum shade!

  6. Love the shimmery pink and plum shade perfect to go with any outfit.

  7. This is the first time I am hearing about the brand. This looks like a good palette.

  8. Any from this color palette fo not match my taste. I like nudes, browns and black


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