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Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in PEACHY KEEN HEART

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I have raved about Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Bronzer in SUMMER OF LOVE here
Today's post is a review of Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in PEACHY KEEN HEART.


  • This blusher comes in a HEART shaped cardboard box. Its quite bulky and hence not travel friendly at all. I feel the cardboard is kind of fragile and hence making the product inside prone to breakage.
  • It retails for RM 39 at

As you can see from the image above, this blusher beholds three shades of colors.
You can either use the 3shades separately or swirl all the shades together for a lovely PEACHY glow


  • Gives a PEACHY GOLDEN glow.
  • Its has sparkles, making the blusher shimmery and hence calling for a light hand application.
  • Easily blendable
  • Packaging is bulky so not travel friendly
  • Prone to breakage
Over all I like this product as it serves my purpose of a peachy glowy skin. If you are looking for a SPECIAL OCCASION blusher then this is perfect for you. Its shimmery yet gives your skin that festive glow.
Have you guys tried this product? Or any other product from I Heart Makeup range? Do comment below and let me know your views.
See you guys soon with a new post. Till then keep shining cause you totally worth it.


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