Thursday, 14 January 2016

Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipstick : Review and Swatches

hey beauties....The Lipstick addict is here !!!
But this time I am disappointed :(
Makeup Revolution is one of my favorite brands. The eyeshadows, face products are just amazing. So when I saw these lipsticks (the so called AMAZING lipsticks), I went gaga and got four of them. They were on sale at and I was sold. I mean lipstick from favourite brand and that too at a discounted price (Rs 180)
I ordered four.


  • The packaging is OK. Its neither sturdy nor too flimsy. Its a regular black plastic bullet with the color pot at the bottom of the lid. 
  • The lid dont close so well and can open up easily. So not good for travel.
  • You can get at Rs 180 (Original Price Rs 450) from here and at RM 8 from here
The first shade is LADY : Its a beautiful RED. Pigmentation is OK. Had to reapply several times to get that red on my pigmented lips

The next shade is DAZZLE : Its a BARBIE PINK shade. The lightest of the four. Settles in the fine lines. Most disappointing of them all

The next shade is SCANDALOUS CRIME: Its a PURPLE with heavy PINK undertones.Settles in the fine lines. Disappointing as there is no much hint of purple. Does no justice to my pigmented lips

The last shade is PASSION: Its a beautiful DARK RED. I like the shade. It covers my pigmented lips and suits my skin tone the most out of them all.


  • Shades are darker in the packaging than in real. 
  • Not so well pigmented. Mainly the lighter shades are disappointing.
  • Texture is just too creamy. As if melting. I hate it. and if you stay in a place with hot and humidity, you gonna stay away from lip products which are so sticky and arghhh oily.
  • NEVER keep this lipstick on hot places like in your car or under direct sunlight, cause any form of heat can just melt it off.
  • Settles in fine lines
  • Doesnt work well for pigmented lips
  • Not so good with travel as the cap falls off easily
I am not going to repurchase any other shade from this range as its a lot more creamy for my taste :(
Hope this post has been helpful to you guys. Do comment below and let me know your views on Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks and which is your favourite shade.

P.S. Though many are a fan of these lipsticks, it just didnt work for me. No hard feelings for the brand though. Because I rave about there eyeshadows and highlighters all the time. I guess the amazing lipsticks are just not for me.

    I will see you guys soon with a new post on a new day, till then stay blessed cause you totally worth it !!!


    1. Aww that's too bad that they're not that pigmented. The shades look pretty though!

      CJ | From Manila with Love : Beauty, Life & Feminism

    2. What a shame. All the colours look super pretty from the bullet.

      do check out my blog!

    3. Too bad! Very affordable though...
      How have you been Arpita?


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