Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A small update : where am I ???

Hey beauties...it's been ages since I did a blog post which is quite uncommon for me. Many of u must be thinking Arpita's is closed. NO NO NO
Well alot has changed in my life in the past month. I am a MOM now :) yes....A beautiful angel walked in to our lives on 25th of July. She is such an amazing blessing. Me n my hubby always wanted a daughter n we are lucky to have Avipta. Yeah we named her Avipta which is the combination of our names (Avinash +Arpita)
She keeps me engage all day. I am kind of getting into the whole new world of motherhood.So I have taken a break from everything else. I swear I will b back soon in a few days.
Till then stay beautiful and flaunt your style, cause you totally worth it....


  1. Congrats Arpita!!! <3
    Take are dear!

  2. congratulations Arpita :DD
    Avipta, that's such a sweet name. gotta come up with more combination for future children eh? hehe

  3. Congratulations, God bless you and your family abundantly. Take care... All the best =)


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