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Plus Size and Pregnant !!!

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As you could have already guessed from the title, its my pregnancy story !!! I have been asked by one of my reader friend to share my pregnancy experience as she is plus size and planning to conceive and I thought to why not do a blog post and share it with you all.
This blog is pretty much my journey as a mom to be. Before I start about my after pregnancy experiences, I want to tell you guys my before pregnancy. When I got pregnant I was 28yrs, weight 78kgs, had hypothyroidism, and with a family history of diabetes. I know many ladies who are plus size like me may have heard it a zillion times that omg you have a weight issue and you will have problems getting pregnant n blah blah blah .... But trust me ladies, its all myth. As I said I am overweight but I got pregnant at the very first chance when I started to plan for it. It has got nothing to do with your weight but to do with your health. If you are planning to have a baby, then I would suggest all ladies (irrespective of size, weight, etc..) go and get a complete health check up. If you have any complications work on it before getting pregnant. Like I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (TSH 22, normal range is 0.something). I took 2 month time. Had my medication, had a nutritional diet and exercised. After 3months when I got pregnant, my TSH was normal.
Now coming to after getting pregnant story.
Well the day I got a positive pregnancy test result, it was perhaps one of the best days in our life. My hubby was like all excited and all protective. I was like overly cautious. My family was mad with joy.

 When I knew about my pregnancy I was already in week 4. Things were quite hard. I was nauseous all the time. Dead tired. Feeling dizziness often. Change of taste, like my favourite foods became my enemies. I got highly sensitive to smell and even touch. I was even getting irritated of using makeup, dressing up. I mean I was in my worst of moods those days.
About my health, I was getting light cramps every now and then. Those were like the cramps we get at that time of the month. I asked my doc and she said those are quite normal coz my reproductive system was going through a new change. Things were going quite normal for a week, when one night I wokeup from sleep and found I was bleeding. Well it wasn't like bleeding but I saw few blood spots on the tissue. Thats it. I got crazy. I was so much afraid. so much tensed that we rushed to the emergency ward immediately. There we had to wait for hours as doc was busy doing some operations. By that time there was no spotting and I was feeling fine. But the tension was rising. It was getting high and my mind was filled with all negative thoughts and stuffs. Finally the doc came and took me to the check up room. They did an internal test and found my cervix was closed. Which meant I was not having a miscarriage. They did a scan and we saw a heart beat. Oh My God ! I skipped a beat by seeing our baby still fine and healthy. It was like the most amazing feeling of my life.
That tiny white structure inside that black curve, thats my bumble bee :)
Then the doc talked with us, explaining that bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy is quite normal and its not always that it leads to a miscarriage. The bleeding can be outside the uterus. As in my case it wasn't from my womb as my cervix was closed. So she said when any woman get any spotting or light bleeding, she should immediately rest and wait for few hours. If the bleeding gets heavy, she should rush to the Emergency ward.She gave me a Progesterone supplement to strengthen my uterine wall and prescribed me complete bed rest. 
I was really worried coz me and my hubby were all alone at Kuala Lumpur and our families were back in India. Pregnancy itself is very stressful and on top of that having such complication and no elders near to guide can drive anyone crazy.Due to some Visa problem my mom couldn't come to us. We didnt have any option but to stay strong and face this problem. Week by week me and my hubby got stronger and positive and excited !!! and ofcourse close to holding our bundle of joy. 
I was in my 20th week when we decided to travel to India. The flight was quite comfortable for me. I didnt have any issues but yes I made sure that I moved around often. I reached India and things went on smoothly. But I developed Gestational Diabetes. A diabetes which happens during pregnancy and goes away after delivery. I was under a strict diet and put to insulin injections (had to poke myself thrice daily). No more craving eating, no more chocos and spicy foods. But anything for my baby. In my 34 week, my doc noticed my blood sugar levels are increasing uncontrollably and this is going to hamper my baby if my baby is not out of my body soon. I was ready to do anything for my baby's safety. And the only option we had was a c-section. 25th July it was, morning 8:30 am I went to the O.T. for my Cesarean and exactly at 9:46am my baby was out. OMG the happiest moment of my life. Though her blood sugar levels were low still she was healthy and was able to control her sugar levels. She was out of danger. When the doc told me I had a girl and she is perfectly fine, I almost cried in joy. I am a mom to a beautiful angel. Cant express the happiness in words. Finally after my stitches and all I was out of the O.T. and got to hold my bundle of joy for the first time. I swear all the pain, all the tensions, stress was worth it. 
She is now a month and doing great. She had already gained her birth weight. she keeps me busy all day and night. Well I dont mind the sleepless nights coz I get to see my bumble bee grow.
I know its a looonnnggg post but its totally worth it coz this is the biggest moment of my life.
I have an advise for all moms to be and new moms, just stay positive and strong. Coz the positivity and strength in you, transfers to you little one and helps her fight all odds. Be strong and Be beautiful coz you totally worth it !!! 

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  1. Came across your blog. I love it. Very inspiring. Congrats on baby!


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