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ARPITA's Top 5 Product Recomendation to buy from Lazada.com.my

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I am quite skeptical when it comes to online shopping. Whether the site is trusted or not, whether the products are of good quality or not, what about the shipping, what about the delivery time, what about the packaging and many more such questions pass our minds when we think of buying something online. Online shopping sites needs to render best of service and should be authentic cause customer invests their time and MONEY just by believing the words written on the sites !!!
Not much long ago I discovered this amazing online shopping site and just got hooked on to it. LAZADA.COM.MY

Its not just a shopping site, it a online shopping mall. Yes !! It has a gazzilion products starting from Beauty, Fashion, Electronics, Furnitures, Home appliances, Computers, Luggage, Sports Equipments and many many more....It covers all categories you will ever need.

The prices at Lazada are super affordable. It always has the best deals and a lot of great promotions.
In order to help us shop hassle free, Lazada has got multiple payment methods. See here

It has got fast shipping and delivery. Everytime I have placed an order, its always delivered within the given date.Which is a A++ for me. The package is well taken care of and always secure and products are in tact.
Lazada also provides free shipping, cash on delivery and online order tracking options which makes shopping much more easier.
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So, now that being said, lets have a look at my TOP 5 product recommendation from Lazada.com
Hand bag can be a heck of a trouble to store. They take a lot of space and if not stored properly can be quite messy. So I was on a hunt for a efficient bag organiser and finally I stumbled upon this saviour bag organiser. Now I not only store my handbags, but also store my scarfs, my husband's ties and even my necklaces. Its multi-usable and adjustable so can easily be hooked on to back side of closet doors or room doors. Its quite affordable and retails for just RM 25(Market Price = RM 69) !! I highly recommend this.
Recently I was diagnosed with low blood pressure and was advised by the doctor to keep a track of my blood pressure. So my husband bought me this awesome blood pressure monitor from Lazada. Its shows accurate result and is easy to use. All you need to do is just strap it on to your wrist and press a button. Blood pressure monitors can be quite expensive but this one retails for just for RM 42(Market Price = RM 229). Isn't it a steal. Its a must have for you or you can buy it for your parents or grand parents who needs to keep an eye on their blood pressure and heart rate.
I am a mom and feeding my baby is always challenging for me. She runs around when sees food. I wanted to buy her a high chair but was scared what if she falls down. I am a super protective mom. And for a mom baby's safety and comfort is a must. When I got this high chair I was really impressed by the soft cushioning and the safety belts it had. My baby was really comfortable in it and enjoyed sitting there and eating. While she is not eating I simply remove the tray and detach the extra legs and it becomes a perfect small chair for my baby to sit and enjoy her favorite movie, Jurassic Park :) For this high chair which provides comfort, safety and height adjustment, I am just paying a price of RM 139(Market Price = RM 199).
I am a makeup addict and love to play around with makeups. But a makeup product is of no use if you dont have a good brush. This 12 piece brush set has all the essential face, eye and lip brushes you need. Its of superb quality. I use it almost everyday and even washed it many times but never had any hair shedding. The bristles are super soft and dense. These brushes are of high quality and are sturdy. The casing keeps the brushes safe during travel and even can be used as brush holder in your makeup storage. 12 pretty brushes of high quality and a multi use case, all you pay is just RM 56(Market Price = RM 140). Highly recommended for beginners who are confused about which brush to buy. Its a complete brush kit for you.
If you follow beauty trends then you must be aware of the famous Tangle teezer
Tangle teezer is basically a flat brush that helps you detangle your hair without much breakage. I have super long hair and after having a baby its hard to maintain it and I get occassional hairfalls. When I wash my hair, my hair just falls out like hell and this happen even if I use flat brush or a wide tooth comb. I always wanted o buy a tangle teezer but they are really expensive. Paying about RM 80-90 for a hair brush is like nahhh for me. So when I saw this detangling brush at Lazada, I immediately ordered it. And OMG seriously guys its magical. It detangles my below hip length hair perfectly without much fall out. I mean I dont care if its not the original tangle teezer, its serves its purpose best and all I am paying is just RM 38(Market Price = RM 40)

These are my TOP 5 recommendation out of all the amazing things I had bought from Lazada.com.my. I hope you find this post informative.
Do comment below and let me know your TOP lazada purchases.
See you guys in my next post. Till then shop smart !!!

You can check out the products at Lazada
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  1. Lovely recoomendations dear.. I was unaware of this site :)

  2. RM 56 for 12 piece of brush? Seriouslyyyy? Thats quiet cheap!



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