Friday, 1 May 2015

Striving For a Fake Reality : #MyFakeReality

Everyday when we turn the pages of any magazines or we see a billboard, we see people beyond perfection.
Crystal clear skin, oh my...that pointy nose and chiselled face, Perfect makeup and hair done. So different from us. So different from "Real People". So much far from Reality.
Ever wondered what is it like when all these high quality enhancements are removed!!! What we see through is a real woman. With flaws. With imperfections.
Today, me and these beautiful ladies from across the world, present to you our cover shots. Yes !!! We are all airbrushed and enhanced to meet the fake reality !!!
" I am just like you who has blemishes, who doesn't have a pointy nose or chiseled face, who has flabs, jiggly arms, dimpled thighs, has flaws is her appearance. Arpita is perfectly imperfect!!! "

" Perfection in latin means 'finished' and.. Who the hell wants to be finished?! "

" I used to care what people thought and said about me. I used to feel hurt when they constantly asked me to lose weight - and then I went to the US and found myself. Now, I don't give a damn if they don't like me - I Love Myself and I don't let anyone tell me different! "

" Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who Is The Prettiest Of Them All? "

"My so called IMPERFECTION makes me one of a kind, and I love it!"

" Just because I'm a model, doesn't mean I look perfect, not even for photoshoots. I love my imperfections, every single one! "

" I find beauty in my imperfections, whether it's non-symmetrical winged eyeliner, or a bad hair day. I embrace the imperfect because it makes me me - someone who always tries to see the best in myself and the world around me. "

" My so-called imperfections tell a story: those dark circles are a trait of an engineering student, my scars show that acne will not defeat my confidence, I've decided to be myself, because everybody else is already taken. "

"I have accepted my flaws, because what others see as flaws, I see as beautiful!"

"I am me. I am proud of who I am. I don't want to look flawless to feel fabulous!"

" The mirror can lie, it doesn't show you what's inside, and it can tell you you're full of lies! "

All of us camouflage ourselves, wear makeup, touch up our pictures, wear body shapers to hide our flabs. And its perfectly fine to do a little bit of photoshop.
But the most important thing is how we feel inside. How we feel about ourself when all these camouflage is down. Its all about embracing ourselves and being proud of what we are.
So stop striving for the fake reality, cause my beautiful, whom you see on the magazine covers or billboard are no different from you.
Just stay happy and thankful. Cause you are beautiful. Your flaws are pretty.

My heartfelt THANKS to all these lovely ladies and special THANKS to FIZA from DAS ROCK HAUS for coming up with this amazing idea and involving us all !!!

P.S. Find the original post and more at DAS ROCK HAUS

* This Post is not intended to offend anyone in anyway, its just an eye opener for all who run behind being magazine perfect all their life.


  1. Thanks for sharing! Awesome before and afters..


  2. Love your thoughts. ..We need to learn to accept and love all of what we have been blessed with. No amount of cosmetic surgeries or make up can really bring inner peace and happiness

  3. Thanks a lot Arpita for sharing. Everybody is beautiful. Only outside beauty doesnt matter.

  4. Wow,those before and after pics are awesome,nice thoughts of sharing.


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