Thursday, 17 May 2012

FOTD : Lemon and Lime for Spring/Summer

Summer is around the corner.So I thought of doing this fun wearable summer look for you....

For this look pull out your YELLOWS and GREENS and lets get started !!!

  • Prime your eyes well.
  • Take a bright green color and blend it in the crease.I used Elianto eyeshadow in PARROT GREEN
  • Now take a bright yellow color and blend it above the bright green color and blend it well. I used Elianto eyeshadow in  GOLDEN YELLOW
  • For the lid apply a pale yellow shade. I used Elianto eyeshadow in YELLOW CLOUD
  • Now for the inner tear duct apply, the bright yellow shade.
  • Line your upper lash line using a green eyeliner.
  • I topped the green liner with a glitter liner.I used Elianto Glitter Liner
  • Now line the inner half of lower lash line with the bright yellow shadow and outter half with the bright green eyeshadow.
  • Line your waterline with a black liner.
  • Use some mascara and you are done.
  • Apply a peach blush.
  • For lips, a soft peach color will look great...

Thanks for reading


  1. I love the green and yellow combinations:)Pretty dear:)

  2. looks good on shud have probably posted this makeup along with a nice summer attire that goes with this...wud have been perfect! :)
    However, these colors are not for dusky tones like me :(


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