Sunday, 13 May 2012

Elianto Haul

hello beauties
Yesterday I went to the mall with my hubby and he bought me some Elianto eyeshadows.As you guys must have already know I am a big fan of Elianto eyeshadows.So I picked up some amazing colors.

I picked VIBRANT SHADOWS and PEARL SHINE SHADOWS,Vibrant Shadows have a Matte Finish and the Pearl Shine shadows have a slight Shimmer Finish.
Vibrant Shadow in CANDY PINK

Vibrant Shadow in MAYA BLUE

Vibrant Shadow in GOLDEN YELLOW

Vibrant Shadow in MANDARIN ORANGE

Vibrant Shadow in RICH BLUE

Pearl Shine Shadow in NILE GREEN

Pearl Shine Shadow in PARROT GREEN

I am very happy to add these fun summery colors to my collection.Now I have so many options for my eye looks.So stay tuned guys :)


  1. The shades are really bright and colorful!! I love it!! great hauls!! ^_^~

  2. Totally totally love these shades...cant wait for ur FOTD :D

  3. 1 question...i have a feelin u already have these kinda shades..dont do u pick n differentiate man? :O

    1. You can know the difference while u try the shades.They have different undertones...
      Some colors I do buy same.Which I use often...

    2. Moreover in pics colors look quite similar...


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