Sunday, 5 April 2015

50 Random Facts about ME !!!

hey beauties....
Today's post is a fun post. I have been recently tagged by an amazing blogger and my friend Fiza Malhotra from Das Rock Haus to do this 50 random fact about me post. Because I have never talked much about myself in my blog, I thought what better way can it be to open up more infront of my readers than doing this tag !!! So here I am today to share more personal side of me.

  1. I was an IT professional. But I quit my job after marriage and eventually I am a beauty blogger now.
  2. I love blogging. I enjoy every step of it starting from idea to writing the content to editing pics, I mean everything. 
  3. I used to blog everyday. But now, after having my baby, I dont get much time, I post every alternate day.
  4. I am a foodie. I love love love to eat and try new cuisines. Though my fav is Indian and sea food and ya Thai :)
  5. One thing I eat to survive is CHOCOLATES !!! I can die for it, literally
  6. I hate ice creams and Pastries. Yes I am weird
  7. I dont drink tea or coffee. But I love juices. 
  8. I love all, well, most of the fruits. Mango and Apple tops the list.
  9. I drink a lot of water. Atleast 2-3 litres a day.
  10. I love to cook. I try to cook every single day.
  11. I love fruity/floral scents. My current fav are JLO glow and Bath and Body works body mist in Cashmere Glow.
  12. I love Vanilla essence but dont like to eat anything with Vanilla in it. 
  13. I am a movie freak.
  14. I love to watch movies with my daughter. We watch animated, children, cartoon, fiction movies. like Toy story, Tinker bell, Harry Potter, Narnia and the list goes on and on...
  15. I get up everyday and first thing I do is switch on my ipod and play some music. I feel music brings happiness
  16. Earlier I used to be a very unplanned person. But now after being a mommy I am a planned and organised person. I plan my day always.
  17. Apart from makeup, I love collecting jewellery. I have a huge collection of Indian as well as fashion jewellery.
  18. I love decorating my house with artefacts. I collect souvenir from every place I visit.
  19. I am a very creative person when it comes to recycling stuffs. I do a lot of DIY stuffs
  20. I try to clean my house and organise stuffs as much as I can but having a naughty toddler sometimes its difficult
  21. I pray to God every single day. Thanking him for this life.
  22. I believe everything happens for a reason.
  23. I don't drink, don't smoke nor go to pubs. I don't think there's anything bad in it, its just not my thing.
  24. I never had a boyfriend all my life. Never dated anyone. I felt true love will come to you. And eventually it did came to me. During my final year of college, I met this awesome guy with great sense of humour and was crazy as me. We clicked and fell for each other madly. Today, after 9years we are happily married, crazy in love with each other and with our darling daughter "Avipta" (Its the combo of our names, Avinash and Arpita)
  25. My entire life, all my decisions revolves around my daughter. She is my life. I love her to moon and back
  26. My favourite store to shop is Dorothy Perkins. I love love love their dresses. They fit like a dream
  27. I love floral dresses.
  28. I prefer dresses over Jeans and feel comfortable in wearing them
  29. I love to look at Pink stuffs but don't wear anything Pink. 
  30. I love Black outfit on men.
  31. I love effortless dressing
  32. I am a UK size 18. I have been a plus size girl all my life. 
  33. When I look in to the mirror I feel good and happy
  34. I have a very acne prone skin. I break out quite often
  35. I have don't experiment much with my skin care products
  36. I ones struggled with skin cancer but now I am totally recovered
  37. I hate facial treatment at parlours or spas. I dont like it when anyone touches my face
  38. I love face masks. I try using face masks or face packs twice every week.My favourite brand for face pack is Biotique and Vedicline
  39. I prefer drugstore make up over high end ones. Because they are super affordable and of great quality
  40. I am addicted to Lipsticks
  41. I can totally go out without any makeup on my face except Lipstick and Mascara. These two are my must haves
  42. I have never used false lashes nor I want to use them. Yes I am scared of falsies
  43. I love to experiment with my make up. Try different eye looks. I can totally wear a bold dramatic eye look and go out. 
  44. I love bright nail polish. I always wear a bright color on my toes.
  45. I used to have long nails but I had to cut them short after my delivery. But now again growing them out. So nail art post coming soon in future
  46. I love long hairs. My hairs go till under my hips.
  47. I use coconut oil ONLY
  48. I am scared of ghosts. If I am home alone, I make sure all lights are switched on including the washroom lights. But, I love watching horror movies
  49. I am 30 yrs and I strongly believe Santa Claus Exists :)
  50. One advise I give to everyone is "Live a life such that when you look at the mirror you would be proud of the person you see and not guilty"
Hope you guys find this post interesting. I would love to tag all of your reading this. Do share your 50 random facts with me. I would love to know you better.
Thanks for reading !!! Love you all :)


  1. Super cool post Arpita dear - thanks for sharing and accepting the challenge!!! I have people touching my face too!!!! hahahha I usually avoid spas because of this!! <3 <3 <3


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