Saturday, 11 April 2015

Embrace your body, MY TIPS

Oh she is short, ugly. Oh she is tall, ugly. She is fat, gross. She is thin, pity. Look at her legs, its hairy. OMG her nose is too small. Look he is so dark. That guy is ewwwww bald. She had long hairs, ugly.
Seriously, I am tired of constantly listening to these shits that our society has set. What is beauty? Who is considered beautiful? A person who is tall? NO. A person who is short? NO. Thin? NO. Fat? NO. Who is that ideal person? Each and everyone of us are pulled down by our society. Each and everyone of us, despite of who we are, how we look, have been negatively criticised.

Everyday as soon as we open a magazine, or switch on our televisions, we are constantly fed with the photoshopped definition of beauty. We are all made to feel bad about ourselves. Not only by media but also by people around us. A girl who is a size 16 is called FAT and looked down upon. The same girl when starved her butt off and is now size 0 is called too SKINNY. I mean what is the STANDARD of beauty. Do any of you know? Where is the standard written? I don't know and I am sure you guys dont know either.
There is no hard coded, legal, stamped standard for beauty. But still most of us. No not most. All of us try to reach those standards which doesn't even exists.
WHY? Why we need to change the way we look? Why we need to satisfy others and need praises from them? WHY?????

I have tried all my life to be thin. YES. But I never actually became thin. Because this is how my body is. I have curves, some extra junk in the trunk. A few flabs. I am built that way. I love food. I can't starve myself to be thin. I am healthy, I can't exercise 24/7 and fall ill. I do my bit of things to stay healthy and fit and I am happy with that. Why to try achieve something or to be someone which is not ME.
I have seen people, trying to look like something else and ended up in grave consequences. Our internet floods with examples of plastic surgery addiction, anaeroxia (eating disorder) and many more.
Trust me guys, even if you become "BEAUTIFUL" and fit all the standards defined by our society, still people will find ways to put you down. So why waste your time, money and above all why waste yourself and your life.
Well, I want to share with you my 5 secrets which I have followed to change my perception. To be confident and to accept myself happily as I am.

  1. Stop consuming negativity. Just stay away from things/people which makes you feel bad bout yourself. Makes you feel not so good about yourself. I personally stay away from all such media which feeds me with negativity.Be it any person on social media or any magazine or any particular tv show, I cut them out of my life. Cause boss you have the choice to filter what you consume.
  2. Count your blessings. You may not have the perfect eyes, but atleast you have eyes. You may be fat, atleast you are fit and not having any serious illness. You have food to eat. You have people around you who loves you. Whenever I feel bad about my looks, I think about my blessings.
  3. Trust yourself. This is one of the important thing. You should always have trust on your abilities. Even if someone says you that you are incapable of doing something, you should trust your capabilities and believe that YES I CAN DO IT. Donot ever underestimate yourself for some ignorant person. People will judge, because life is a race and everyone tries to be the best, but some stupid people tried to pull you down constantly by judging you, by making you feel bad everytime. Now its upto you whether you will be pulled back and rise high.
  4. Get all dolled up. Yes, dress up. Wear you favourite dress. Your favourite pair of shoes. Apply makeup. Flaunt your style. And trust me that will boost your confidence this high.
  5. Indulge in Positivity. Always try to surround yourself with positivity. Be it positive people or positive books or positive thoughts or anything. The people we meet, the books we read or the things we come in contact with in our day to day life really affects or inner self and our confidence. So always stay away from negativity.
Well my lovely beauties, I hope my 5tips help you be more confident and positive and above all HAPPY. If you have anything you want to talk about or need any help, remember you have a friend here just a mail away. Do mail me at
See you guys in my next post, till then flaunt yourself cause you totally worth it !!!

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