Sunday, 25 March 2012

APPLES Against Skin Devils

I just love Apples and its in my daily diet.
An article made me happy which said Apples are a great fighter against Sunburns :) :) Yay !!!

  • PROTECTION AGAINST UVB RAYS.  Apples contain PHENOLS that can protect you from harmful UV rays, one of the most damaging threats to healthy skin. 
  • PROCYANIDIN B-2. Simply eating raw apples can help your body by introducing antioxidants, which prevent cell and tissue damage, preventing wrinkles and aging, and promoting health hair growth because of a compound known as procyanidin B-2.
  • FIBER in apples helps to flush out toxins hence reducing acnes and pimples.
  • Even APPLE MASKS help get rid of SUNBURN and are great blemish removers.
So guys, its rightly said, An APPLE a day keeps the doctor away !!! and also An APPLE a day keeps SKIN PROBLEMS away !!! 
Stay Protected with a bite of an Apple coz you totally worth it !!!


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