Thursday, 15 March 2012

Watsons Moisturising Cucumber Mask

Yesterday I went for my whole face threading.Because of the heat outside and the torture my facial skin went through during threading,my face was really irritated and was red.
I stopped by Watsons to buy some and saw this mask which read CUCUMBER.
Well the look of the pack itself was so cooling just like cucumber.So I bought this pack of Moisturising Facial Mask with cucumber extract.

As soon as I opened the mask, it smelled just like cucumber, cool and soothing.And I love cucumbers :)
The mask fitted my face perfectly.I put on the mask and just went to bed for 30mins.The scent was so refreshing and relaxing that I just slept.After 30mins when I pulled off the mask, my face was so much full of the essense.I wiped the mask all over my face and neck properly and then rinsed my face.
And to my amazement my face felt so damn soft.As if it had gone through a 30mins of massage in some spa :)

My face was well moisturised, there was no redness at all,nor any irritation.Even my face looked brighter.

I am just in love with this mask.I am definitely gonna repurchase it :)

Now I am getting this urge of eating cucumbers.So guys I shouldn't control this urge and get going.
You take care and have a fresh day :)

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