Monday, 12 March 2012

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Hey guys,

I just came by to say a small Hi to you all.I have been gone forever.The past few days have been just crazily busy for me.I was really caught up with loads of work in my personal life. And more over my skin was doing very bad because of some hormonal fluctuation. So that quite kept me away from any FOTDs :(
But now my skin condition is just getting fine.And I will be back very soon with some great makeup looks for you guys.
Well this morning I was totally feeling MAKE-UPy (hehe I am good at forming words).
So I sat down and re arranged all my Elianto Eyeshadows and formed two palettes called Oh So Naked and Oh So Colorful.
Also made a small wishlist for both the palettes :)
I will reveal it on my blog very soon....
So stay tuned !!!!
Thank you so much guys for all your support and a very warm welcome to all my subscribers :) I love you all alot and its for you I am getting all pumped up to post more n more.
I promise to be back with some amazing posts !!!
Till then stay stylish coz you totally worth it :)

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