Friday, 30 March 2012

FOTD : Venus Brown

As you guys must have known by now that I am a sucker for ELIANTO eyeshadows, I recently added two more cuties on to my neutral collection.

Sometimes when I am just going out for shopping or for some work, I dont use any crazy colors on my eyes.Rather I pretty much deepen up my crease so that my eyes look much defined.So you can see so many browns :)
My two new cuties......

Obviously a brown in VENUS BROWN

A pearly white in SNOW WHITE

Here is how I combined these two to get my look for today.....

With Flash

Without Flash

Hope you guys like it....
Appy :)


  1. like the way you have blended the shades..i see over time you blending has improved a lot.. :)nice work!

    1. Thanks dear...Its practice practice and more practice !!!


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