Saturday, 3 March 2012

5 Hair Products Every Girl Needs

While the market is over flowing with a gazillion of hair products, its quite difficult for us to choose the necessary products.

So gals here is my list of top 5 Must Have Hair Products !!!!!
  • OIL : We all know that oils are very beneficial to the hair.  Some of the many reasons we need oil in our hair is because it promotes healthy hair growth, adds shine, polishes ends, reduces frizz and adds moisture.

  • SHAMPOO : A gentle cleansing shampoo is very much essential to get rid of all the dirts accumulated on the scalp and roots of hair.

  • LEAVE in CONDITIONER : It helps to detangle hair easily which results in less hair fall.It also hydrates and moisturises your hair.

  • HAIR SERUM  : De frizzes and protects our hair from heat, pollution, etc.

P.S. Guys I have dedicated a blog post to my favorite Hair Serum i.e. MATRIX BIOLAGE SMOOTHING SERUM.

  • HAIR SPRAY (serving your PURPOSE) : It can be for styling, heat protecting or just sunscreen.Choose a spray according to its purpose

Flaunt you long luscious hair with these products.
Coz you totally worth it :)


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    1. Thanks!!!!!
      Will try my best to post sm useful stuffs for my lovely readers....

  2. Clip on ponytails
    With all the new hair products on the market,it can sometimes be challenging or even down right complicated to try to comprehend which styling and care products are right for your hair.

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    1. thanks a ton....
      Readers like you inspire me to write more :)

  4. where to get the hot oil? n how much does it cost?

    1. hi Tericia...You can get it from any Indian store. If not then you can heat up normal coconut oil and apply it.


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