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Beginners Series : All About Foundation/Foundation Guide

hey beauties,
Welcome to my Beginner's Series. This is a section where I will share my makeup experiences and knowledge with my makeup new bees. We all learn from each other, so your valued opinions are always welcomed.
I have wrote about Makeup Musthaves here. Today its time to talk about FOUNDATIONS.
We all are not blessed with perfect looking skin. And these imperfections might makes us self concious. But now a days we can counter act these flaws by using foundations. Coverage or even out skin tone or a good base, foundations give us all of these.
Now our market has a lot of different foundations which varies by coverage, texture, etc. So today I will tell you guys about different foundations which will help you choose one for yourself.

Texture-wise basically foundations are classified into the following types:
    • It is exactly what the name says, "TINTED MOISTURIZER", a moisturizer with a tint/color.
    • Well if you donot need a lot of coverage, yet you want something to even out your skin tone and give your skin hydration, then this is what you need. 
    • It is very light-weight and has a very less almost no coverage.
    • If you have spots and blemishes and you want to cover them up, then this is NOT for you. This is mostly for people who wants to even-out there skin tone.
    • It comes with SPF also and sometimes available in different shades.
    • Blemish Balm Creams or BB Creams are the next level of tinted-moisturizers.
    • It has the moisturizing and protection of a moisturizer with coverage of a foundation.
    • It is lighter than a foundation but heavier than a tinted moisturizer.
    • The coverage is much better than tinted moisturizer but not as good as foundation.
    • If you want coverage and don't want to wear anything as heavy as foundations, then go for BB creams.
    • Many women including me prefer to use liquid foundations cause its easy to blend and has a smooth finish on the skin.
    • It can be used either by Fingers or Sponges or Brushes.
    • Liquid foundations are easily available in any makeup stores and any brand.
    • Liquid foundations are usually full coverage and thick.
    • This gives a nice dewy finish.
    • They come with different benifits like SPF or Oil-free and are available for different skin types.
    • These are available in a wide variety of shades.
    • But sometime Liquid foundations may irritate and break out your skin. If this happens try to choose a oil-free formula or anything specialised for oily skin women. Else can go for a powder foundation.
    • Mousse foundations are liquid foundations with air in it.
    • This makes it light-weighted than liquid foundations.
    • It's smoother and more blend-able as compared to liquid foundations.
    • Mousse foundations are good for all skin types, but especially nice for those with dry or aging skin because it goes on smoothly and filling the fine lines.
    • Cream foundations has most of the benifits of a liquid foundation, like easy application, great coverage, smooth, etc.
    • Cream foundations are ideally suited for dry to extra dry skin, since most are oil-based formulations. 
    • Provides a greater level of coverage than liquid foundation and long lasting.
    • I have a combination skin, and personally I am not a big fan of cream foundations. Cause they dont really absorb into my skin properly, making it all messy in summers. It breaks me out like hell as they feel very heavy on skin.
    • Cream foundations are strong enough to cover almost any imperfections. But the heavy texture can easily clog pores that can lead to breakouts and blackheads. 
    • It is highly suitable for beginners. 
    • It's very light for the face, giving you the feel as if you're hardly wearing any foundation at all.
    • Anyhow you can always build the coverage by reapplying.
    • It's perfect for oily skin because the powder absorbs oil, effectively eliminating greasiness.
    • The only down side is that it has a drying effect so not suitable for dry skin people.
    • Always apply a moisturiser before applying it.
So here you go guys, these are some of my foundation tips. Hope this post is helpful to you lovelies.


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  3. Another gre at post! Could you add water-based foundation please?

  4. good stuff! :) however wud wanna add that not all mineral foundations are light...they mostly give a great radiance and coverage to to your skin..i have used the MAC mineral foundation in the past...but i felt it was too heavy :( recently started using revlon colorstay active and its awesome...but i need to use this with a moisturizer or else my skin looks dry....

    PS: If u can add some brand examples to each category...will be great! :)

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