Monday, 17 September 2012

My Take Time : Tarte Lipsurgence Lip Tint in Amused

hey beauties. Recently I got a prize in a Makeup Challenge in "Beauty is Flirty ! What You Think ?" facebook group.

I finally received my prize and it's an amazing. Its a Tarte LipSurgence in Amused


Applied with out any Lipbalm

  • I really love the packaging. It is a "lip tint" in a pencil form. The bottom of the pencil twists up like a lipbalm so it never needs to be sharpened.
  • Its compact casing and tight cap makes it easier for me to carry it in my purse.
  • The moment you apply it on your lips, you can feel a refreshing mint smell and taste as it is infused with peppermint oil. But it doesn't feel tingling on lips.
  • It gives a nice tint of a lovely berry-fuchsia shade on lips.
  • The very moment I used this LipSurgence, I noticed that my lips felt very moisturized, soft, silky, creamy and luxurious. 
  • It has a great stay on power. The tint is not transferable(means if you drink some coffee the shade doesn't transfer to the cup). This makes the tint to stay on for quite a long time. Tried for 5hours.
  • I am totally in love with the color pay-off. It is neither too obvious like a lipstick nor too sheer like a gloss. Its right in the middle. 
  • I carry it with me even when I apply other lipsticks. When my lipcolor fades, I apply my LipSurgence and it moisturizes my lips with a lovely flush of color.
  • The main thing that I love is its non-sticky.
  • I am not sure about the price as I got it as a prize. But you can get the details at
P.S. If you guys are interested to buy Tarte Products, you can always contact my friend Ms Lilian via Beauty is Flirty ! What You Think ? facebook group or you can email her at She has a Tarte spree ones a month !!! So don't miss this chance :)

I hope you guys found my review helpful. I am totally addicted to my Tarte LipSurgence in Amused !!!


  1. Loving lippies all the way! Can't live without lip sticks & lip tints <3

    1. I love love love Lipsticks as well....They are a must wear for me !!

  2. Looks alot like the Revlon Just Bitten one! I really want to try lip tints. They look so natural and sexy. ;)

  3. I've always wanted to get these, that's a super pretty color on you :)!!

    1. Thanks your blog n I am following !!!!

  4. this lip product lppksreally amusing!!! Reminds me of Clinique Chubby sticks :)


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