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Beginners Series : Makeup Must Haves

hey beauties.....

Many girls love makeup and want to own their makeup collection.But as a beginner its always confusing for someone to buy the needed stuffs when the market is overflowing with a gazillion products.

So I thought starting a new series exclusively for BEGINNERS. Here we all will talk about the Beginner's needs and queries.

Lets start this by discussing with you guys the must have items which any beginner should own.

Before going into makeup must haves I want to just write a bit about some basic essential Skincare stuffs (not for treating any specific skin problem)

  • CLEANSER : Will you ever want to draw on a dirty canvas !!! The same reason goes here. A clean face with give a good base for the products you are going to apply and will not cause any skin problems.
  • MOISTURISER : There are different types of moisturisers available in the market. Eg. for specific skin type, with spf, tinted moisturisers (with some color/coverage), etc. You can pick one for your need and apply it all over your face before starting to apply any makeup.
Now lets start with the makeup !!!

  • FOUNDATION/TINTED MOISTURISER : Many of us have uneven and blemished skin. So foundation evens out your skin tone and gives a perfect coverage. Again there are different types of foundations available in the market depending upon the type of coverage they give and the texture.You can choose a foundation according to your requirement. Remember to always try out a foundation shade and texture before purchasing cause if it does not match your skin tone, you going to end up looking horrible.
  • CONCEALER : Concealers are for those extra coverage and are important to hide your flaws perfectly. If you have dark circles or spots or scars you can use a concealer to hide it. Always try a concealer shade before buying. A concealer should either match your skin or a bit light but never should be darker or very lighter than your skin tone. If you have a perfect skin, you can still use it for brightening the under eye area.
  • PRESSED POWDER : After using all these liquid or cream it is very important to set it all. So a pressed powder sets all on to the face. It also helps get rid of oiliness and helps to hold the foundation and concealer in place.
  • BLUSH : It gives a glow to your cheeks. You can choose any shade you are comfortable with. For beginners a PINK/PEACH shade is must.
  • PRIMER/BASE: It is very important to give a base to the eyeshadow to hold on to. Primers not only gives that base but also helps the eyeshadow color to pop up a lot more.
  • EYESHADOW: The three basic eyeshadows for beginners are...
    • Pearly white : This shade is very good for highlighting and also can be used as a lid color. Apply a tiny bit of it on the inner corner of the eye for instantly brightening.
    • Beige or Nude or Champagne: Used to apply all over the lid. Even if you don't want to do a full eye makeup, still this shade with give a nice flush of color on your lid without making it all flat and blank.
    • Matte Black : It is a great shade to smoke out a look by applying it on the outer V or outer 1/3 of the eye and blending it with the eye lid color. It can also can be used as liner. 
    • You can go for a neutral eye palette. There are lot of them in the market. Its grt for every day look and is risk free. You can never go wrong with nude shades.
  • EYELINER: You can go for black and brown. Black for intense look and brown for kind of a subtle look. You can either go for liquid liner or pencils. In my opinion liquid liners are a hassle to apply for beginners, so better go for pencil liners.
  • MASCARA: I love mascaras. It opens up your eyes. If you dont want to apply any eye makeup, then just apply coats of mascara, it will instantly glamorise your look.
  • LIP BALM/CHAPSTICK: Well its always necessary to moisturise your lips. Now a days you may find lots of brands coming out with tinted lip balms, with this you can moisturise your lips with a tint of color.
  • LIPSTICK: There are tons and tons of shades in the market. For me the three basic color for starting a collection is NUDE, PINK/BERRY and RED.
  • LIPGLOSS: It adds on a glow to the lips. I dont wear it all time though, but many girls swear by lipgloss and prefer to wear it alone too.
Now after all these makeup stuffs on your face, you need a MAKEUP REMOVER. 
Never ever forget to remove your makeup at night. Remove your makeup, cleanse your face and apply some moisturiser before going to bed.

I know there are so many other products but in my opinion these are the most essential products for starters. Do comment below and give suggestions !!!

There will be a detailed discussion of each and every section in my subsequent post, so stay tuned....

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  1. Lovely post Appy :) sure does give alot of infomation :)

  2. Thnq fr this new to makeup...n this really helped me out... :)


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